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Decoding The Tokens of Tomorrow

Seize the opportunity to become an ANGEL MEMBER with AlphaInsiders! Enjoy full access to our exclusive Discord channels and a wealth of insider perks, all for a small monthly fee.

Backed by a supportive community and unrivaled love, our membership lets you claim the next crypto airdrop! Manage payments easily with both card and crypto options.

Let's navigate the crypto world together.

No refund or plan upgrade options available.

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Customer Q&A
Q: I have the 5am NFT yet im unable to see any channels
A: Hello Join the guild https://guild.xyz/alphainsiders But for full access you need an active membership.
Asked on Jul 27, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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6 months ago
One of the best subscriptions, it pays for itself 💕
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a year ago
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MoonSoon | CLOUT#6126
a year ago
Great value and awesome experience!
Cancellation or Refund
There will be no refund options, Please DYOR before paying for membership. But users can cancel their membership anytime and it will remain active until it expires.
Changing plans? Upgrading!
At the moment it's not possible to upgrade the plans and you need to cancel your active membership and wait to expire OR just pay for the new desired membership plan. We need you to understand we use 3rd parties for payment services and our options are limited to what we get from them.
Why Only Ethereum Mainnet?
As much as we love more options like Polygon, Optimism, or Arbitrum, The service we use for membership management currently only supports ethereum mainnet. We will keep an eye on this for more options in the future.
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Alpha Insiders
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14 reviews

Not merely an ordinary Discord server! Numerous factors led us to establish this Discord community, and our aim was not to create just another airdrop server among the multitude. We aspired to craft a space that is truly worth joining, a valuable investment of your time, and one that genuinely aids individuals in learning, earning, and achieving greater successes. That's why we have extended invitations to the most proficient and professional crypto users, including the founders and core team members of the most significant web3 projects. Their presence in the server ensures that we stay well-informed with the latest updates on their respective projects. We are Alpha Insiders – your reliable friend in exploring the crypto universe.