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Telegram access

Sell access to an exclusive, secure Telegram community, leveraging your expertise.

Use this app to sell access to private Telegram channels or groups! With Whop's Telegram integration, we make joining private channels and groups a truly seamless process. Once installed, new customers get added to your Telegram immediately after checkout! There's no need to worry about Freeloaders either; our Telegram app automatically kicks members on cancelled subscriptions for you

Streamlined Access
Make your paid telegram as easy to join as possible with our direct integration.
Worried about freeloaders? Not anymore! Whop automatically removes customers from your Telegram after they cancel.
Customer Information
Match Telegram users to billing information with our Customer CRM. Now you know who HotDogLover123 is!
How does the app work?
Whop adds a "Bot" to your private Telegram channel or group. This bot will add customers after checkout, and removed customers with cancelled subscriptions
What do sellers use private telegrams for?
Typically sellers deliver valuable time sensitive information through their Telegrams, but the possibilities are endless!
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Telegram App
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