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Restrict your Web App via OAuth, ensuring access only to paying, valued customers.

Use this app to sell access to your exclusive web apps! Whop simplifies managing access to private web app realms. As soon as a purchase is made, new customers gain immediate entry to your digital domain. And if anyone decides to cancel or pause their subscription, their access is automatically revoked. It’s smooth, it’s quick, and it ensures your web app remains an exclusive hub.

Instant Access
New customers gain immediate entry to your web app post-purchase, creating a smooth onboarding experience.
Automated Access Revocation
Keep your web app exclusive with automatic access revocation for those who cancel or pause subscriptions.
How does Whop facilitate selling access to my web apps?
Whop simplifies access management to your private web apps, granting immediate entry to new customers upon purchase and revoking access if they cancel or pause their subscription.
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Manage and sell access to you Webapp.