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Wins for days with Cartom Plays.

Tail the two that have been comfortably relying on sports income for the past year. With signals for various sports like NBA, soccer, MLB, NHL, NFL, and more, use us to your advantage when deciding what you see making an easy win. The max play picks guarantee a 74% win rate or higher - or your money back. Try only one day for FREE, or one week for $99.99, and never ever look back.

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Cartom Plays

Never before seen consistency
We have yet to see a "capper" hit as often as we do
Reasonably priced research
Professional information from a team of 2 that eat, sleep, dream & breathe sports news and information
Guarenteed daily plays
Regardless of good or bad slates, we deliver daily and always inform you of how we feel about the day
Periodical giveaways
Larger cash prizes & items (paid members) - Smaller cash prizes & items (free members)
Customer Q&A

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Do you actually send more winning plays than losing plays?
We do with our Max Plays, the main play of the day. We have a spreadsheet to keep track of it, and it stays around 75%.
How much should i be placing on each play?
It depends on your bankroll, but our Max Play is our most reliable play. We do not win every day, so size it responsibly
I don't have access to chat i cant type in chat
The non-VIP telegram is only for us sending daily plays, the VIP telegram has a community where we share ideas.
How do i cancel
You have to go through the whop dashboard, it's hassle-free.
i subscribed to the daily picks how do i get the link to the telegraph
You go to your whop account, click orders, follow the steps to join the Telegram*
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Cartom Plays
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