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Hammer Wagers

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A Statistical Focus on Wagering

Are you ready to shift your approach to betting?

The Hammer family is the premier sports betting service designed to transform your outlook on uncontrolled gambling. We are based in New York City.

Our team of data analysts, financial engineers, and sports enthusiasts work to deliver meticulously researched predictions, helping you make informed betting decisions with confidence.

Our experts employ variancee based algorithms and statistical models to analyze factors, including team performance, player statistics, historical data, and market trends.

Hammer Pro is designed for serious bettors who see the value of variance in betting and expected value of plays.

Due to success of their strategy, the company's founders have faced restrictions or outright bans from major bookmakers, highlighting effectiveness and the competitive advantage our system provides in the sports betting market.

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Value Based Picks
Take advantage of our comprehensive algorithm to get positive-EV sports bets
Transparent Results
All results are accurately tracked on our Action Network
Specialized Analysts
Our team of analysts come together everyday to give YOU the MAX edge every single day
Exclusive Giveaways
As a Hammer Pro subscriber, you're automatically entered into regular giveaways for HUGE prizes
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4.79 out of 5
(28 reviews)
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5 months ago
Best service out there i was able to send my son to Portugal to Portugal to play pro soccer with all the winnings keep up the good work Hammer time
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6 months ago
worst picks on planet... a week, win once only..
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7 months ago
The picks come with unit count.😍 Wish there were more picks everyday but can't complain πŸ˜‡
What's your refund policy?
All sales are final. Refunds may only be granted in the following circumstances: (1) a technical billing error; (2) a user accidentally purchased two or more passes at once. Refunds for subscribers that forget to turn off auto-renew may be granted in extraordinary circumstances, but are not guaranteed, and will be decided in the sole discretion of our support staff.
How do I cancel?
Log into Whop with your Discord account. Go to your Whop Hub page and click on the Hammer Wagers Hub. Click on Manage Membership. Click Cancel Membership. Fill out the cancelation questionnaire. This will cancel your subscription and turn off auto renew. You will still have access to the Telegram until the end of your billing period.
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Hammer Wagers
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28 reviews

Founded with a passion for sports and a dedication to revolutionize the world of sports gambling, Hammer Wagers has grown into the premier capper in the industry. What sets Hammer Wagers apart is our commitment to transparency and integrity. But we don't stop at providing exceptional betting services, we're also committed to promoting responsible gambling. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and actively encourage responsible betting practices. Join the Hammer Family.