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The most conclusive ecom discord

Accelerate your e-commerce journey with up-to-date A to Z resources to help you reach your financial goals. We focus on the whole scope of the dropshipping business to help you master everything along the way. Get access to mentors who are ready to support you on a daily basis and help you reach $1000's per day in sales. πŸ’°


  • Unlock 10+ chats
  • Access to weekly AMA calls
  • Unlock PDFs with A to Z resources
  • Blackhat methods and glitches
  • Print On Demand strategy (streetwear brand case study soon)
  • Bulletproof Ad account setup
  • Frequent product drops
  • TikTok organic
  • Store & Ad reviews

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8 days ago
Well I joined haze 2 months ago after watching sebas video.. seeing how easy and efficient he is at building he's website i just knew that this was the discord for me 😀 I can tell you guys I bought A LOT of course and discord server access but this one has top quality information that you would have wasted hours and thousands of $ trying by yourself if you don't join GANG now your definitely missing out forever πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ you should definitely feel some time of FOMO by not joining GANG <:Bruh:1078515258521571429> And the best thing about GANG is that not only does <@340879980718194690> <@196643547426979840> help you personally everyday but everyone else in the chat also help you... being surrounded by excellence makes you better what are you waiting for, it free game at this point πŸ‘‰πŸΎ it's all in your hands <:emosus:1021876515631276053>
Purchased a month ago
12 days ago
I've been in the membership for around 3 or 4 months now, and I remember starting with $700 in my bank account. I reached out to haze and sebas to ask if joining the GANG was a good decision, and they advised me that it depended on what and how i am doing it. Initially, my stores were performing poorly, but I've been involved in e-commerce for about a year and had some success already in the past. I learned about their secret methods to scaling from both Haze and Sebas and how to create good stores. Additionally, I followed Haze his creative structure step by step, aiming to increase my chances of success. Despite the product quality not always being great, implementing their strategies helped generate orders. Not all of them were successful, but each store received some orders. Over time, I managed to achieve five-figure earnings with my store, and I now have nearly $10k in my bank account. My membership is set to expire in five days, and I've made the decision not to renew it. I feel like I've already learned everything I needed from there and don't see any further resources that would help me progress. And bro hear me out, don't think you'll get there overnight. I've been in e-commerce for over a year now, and it's only recently that I truly feel confident in what I'm doing. I know I have the potential to reach six figures but my main challenge is currently managing cash flow. So, my advice is to stay patient and not scale too aggressively, especially for the younger folks out there. AND DONT FORGET, I AM JUST 16 YEARS OLD DOING MORE MONEY THEN YOU
Purchased 3 months ago
3 months ago
Insane value
Purchased 4 months ago
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Grind towards financial freedom and escape the matrix. πŸ’° More info on [haze-ecom.com](https://haze-ecom.com)