How do I change my Discord account?

Step 1 - Find your membership

To change the discord account linked to your membership, start by going to Your Orders to find your membership.

From there, click on Claim Discord access to open up the claim roles pop up.

Step 2 - Add your new discord account

The next step is to click + Add Discord account to authorize the discord account you would like to link to your membership

Step 3 - Claim your roles

Finally, once your new discord account is authorized, you can click on Use this account and Claim all roles to link your membership to your new discord account. Please check your Discord app now to find your group's Discord server πŸ˜€

Troubleshooting tips for changing your discord:

  • If you have added your new discord account and it's now greyed out, this means your membership pass does not allow discord unlinks
    • This setting is turned on by companies using Whop and Whop support cannot unlink your discord account without the permission of the owner's or staff of the group.
    • You will need to personally reach out to their support team on discord or social media to request an unlink

Note: If you are still running into any issues while attempting to join your group's discord server, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team in the bottom right corner! πŸ˜ƒ