Why did removing my card from Whop not cancel my subscription?

Removed your card from Whop, but was still charged for your subscription renewal fee? We understand that's super annoying and frustrating, so we made this article to help understand what went wrong.

Removing your card from the Payment Info page does not cancel any of your active subscriptions on Whop.

Why not? Merchant's link their own personal or business Stripe accounts to Whop to start accepting payments, which means your card data is not saved on our end of things, but rather on the merchant's Stripe account. Therefore, removing your card from Whop's database does not remove your card from your subscription with the merchant.

Make sure to check out the article below on how you can correctly cancel your subscription, so you do not get charged again:

Looking to possibly get a refund for the charge? Check out our Resolution Center where you can speak with the merchant directly about getting a refund on your purchase:

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