Quick Actions: why are they important?

What Are Quick Actions?

Quick actions are shortcuts that allow sellers to view new updates to their customer base. Who just joined? Who’s canceling? Who fully churned? Quick Actions show these figures directly on your home page.

Utilizing Quick Actions for Retention

Click on your new members to see who just purchased your products! Reach out to them to offer a warm welcome, and learn more about their experience, or how they found your products. A welcome message can build brand loyalty and make your customers returning purchasers.

When you see a quick action for canceling members, reach out to them immediately! This is your chance to convince them to stay, offer them a discount, or collect valuable feedback on why they canceled. Remember: a canceling member has access to your products for the duration of your subscription, so this is your chance to keep them before they fully churn.

Utilizing Quick Actions for Growth

Studies show that getting an old customer to sign up is five times easier than converting a new customer. So, in a roundabout way, reaching out to churned customers is actually the most efficient way to churn your customers. With the “churned” quick action, you can easily grab a list of recently churned customers for re-engagement outreach & analysis.

Looking for a more automated way to re-engage your churned customers? Use our MailModo integration to automatically email any churned member with fully customizable outreach sequences.