What are the benefits of Whop Marketplace?

What is the Whop Marketplace?

The Whop Marketplace is a valuable feature for companies looking to showcase their offering to millions of people each month. Whop runs a variety of organic and paid marketing campaigns to increase marketplace traffic and get companies extra signups! Whop sellers can apply to the marketplace directly through the store page in the dashboard, where their application is reviewed by Whop Staff before being approved.

What are the benefits of being listed on Whop Marketplace?

  • Increased Exposure: Have your page viewed by more than one million shoppers each month!
  • Whop Blogs: Native blog posts to increase ranking on key search terms. Companies get marketed specifically in these posts!
  • Email Campaigns: Category-specific emails to churned whop users to try the marketplace companies
  • Potential to be featured: If your group has been absolutely killing it recently, we'll put you on the front page of our marketplace in front of the millions of shoppers that stop by.

Joining the Whop Marketplace presents an unparalleled opportunity to amplify your business reach and potential. Offering Increased Exposure, your business page could be viewed by over two million shoppers each month!

Our Whop Blogs further enhance your visibility, elevating your ranking on key search terms and providing specific marketing exposure for your company.

With Email Campaigns, we directly engage churned Whop users, promoting your business to a receptive audience and inviting them back to discover what's new in our marketplace. If a customer cancels their subscription from a business not on the marketplace, that same customer will get email notifications suggesting similar products from the marketplace!

Additionally, your exceptional performance can lead to the Potential to be Featured on our marketplace's front page, positioning you directly in the spotlight of millions of shoppers.

Remember, joining the Whop Marketplace is free to join with no commitment. Besides getting discovered by new customers, it's also an avenue to connect with potential business partners, fostering collaborative opportunities.

How does the marketplace work?

Say you are a customer looking to join a premium group, maybe you are looking for educational content or to connect with industry professionals. You can head to the Whop marketplace and get recommended hundreds and thousands of groups at your disposal.

Maybe you've heard of a group and want to find them on the marketplace? Easy! Just click on our search bars and type in the group you've heard of.

Maybe you don't know what exact group you are looking for and want to browse around the top gaming E-Commerce group. All you need to do is head to our E-Commerce section.

Or perhaps you just want to look around and see what's popular at the moment, we've got you covered too by our Top Charts section.

How to join the Whop marketplace?

Ready to elevate your business's sales and exposure? Start your business with Whop today and apply to be on our marketplace. Not sure how to start your business with us? Check out our guide on starting with us here

Already have a business with us and want to learn to apply today? Click here to learn how!