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Kingline Capital Trading Group

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The road that leads to payouts

Look over the shoulder and learn from $1.1m payout holder LivMic, time based ICT veteran futures + options trader JD Astra, ICT vet Tyrant, and some of the best futures traders in the trading community

Study our profitable trading models and dive deep into the charts with the one and only Backtest Jess

We share our strategies built on a combined 30+ years of expertise, 7+ figures in payouts, and support you day in and day out in real time

New York AM & PM + London session livestreams with LIVE trades, mentorship educational courses (all included), and market talk you will not find anywhere else. We have a whole community dedicated to turning each other profitable.

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Moon Walker

Trade live with our team w/combined 7+ figures in payouts. LiveMic, JD Astra, Tyrant, Backtest Jess & others. NY+London
Mentorship Programs (Included)
Learn our trading system and get an edge you won't find anywhere else. We teach what made us successful step by step
Community of Support
We are proud to have one of the most supportive community of traders that are in the chat during all trading sessions
Comprehensive Charts
We share our live market commentary on NQ and ES and guide you through the market including live trade idea alerts
Prop Firm Payout Strategies
Our trading team has a combined 7 figures in payouts & 30+ years experience. We know what works, and we share with you
10% Cash Back on Prop Evals
The ONLY group with a exclusive partnership with Apex trader funding. You get 10% cash back every month on all evals!
Customer Q&A
Q: 1 - Does having a background in ICT Concepts help in learning/adapting what you teach 2 - Are your strategies mechanical OR discretionary
A: We have four ICT analyst traders in our group (including two charter members) We all trade the concepts in different ways so you can find a style that suits you best. We have mechanical models to learn from, but we all trade live price action discretionary. We will do all we can to help with these concepts and your success with them
Asked on Dec 19, 2023
Q: 3 - How do you help us achieve consistent profitability 4 - Does this program help intraday traders & scalpers (traders who trade frequently)
A: We will give you all the tools we have with experience and analysis. We all trade differently, for example I am as scalper who trades ICT and Quarterly Theory. Others here trade ICT different models. Others trade price action alone and concepts on different time frames. You can find what suits you best here and we will absolutely help!
Asked on Dec 19, 2023
Q: Hi, What is the difference between the Free trial selection and the VIP Trader one?
A: Hi there, when you give the trial a try you get full access to our entire room and features as a VIP trader for 5 days. If you choose to continue then you become an official VIP trader role and keep full access
Asked on Mar 8, 2024
Customer reviews
4.78 out of 5
(27 reviews)
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17d ago
I have been part of the Kingline Capital Trading discord for 1 month now. It is incredible. Every live session is awesome. Each trader has outstanding knowledge about trading and incredible discipline/risk management. I also like that regardless of my work schedule there is a live stream session that works with my work schedule including London session so that I am not alone trading, can learn and trade at the same time. All the traders, Fredent, Jess, Tyrant, and JD are exceptional. You will not be disappointed to join this discord!!! (and I have tried many thus far). Well worth the monthly subscription fee.
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25d ago
The best trading communitites I have ever been apart of. Learn everyday from JD and the crew
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1 month ago
This is where I found "home". Been with the group more than 6 months now, learned so much technical and strategical tool much, much needed to improve my trading. But beyond all of these, the caring hearts of the lead team and extraordinary supportive members made up this community is uncommon. The wealth of knowledge and experienced lead traders and members are beyond your expectations. Whatever model you trade or would like to learn, you'd be surprised you can find it here. Here, everyone wants everyone to succeed, and they show you in action. Just drop a question or ask for help, response comes nearly instant. This is my home, beyond trading.
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Kingline Capital Trading Group
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