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LEGO Investing Mastery

Want a good place to grow your capital? This is the guide for you.

Buying LEGO sets you want to invest in is the easy part. The hard part is setting up the proper business structure to sell your LEGO sets when it is time to take profit.

In just 90 minutes, this guide will teach you:

  • How LEGO investing works
  • Why LEGO sets go up in price
  • How to know when LEGO sets are set to retire
  • How to set a business structure up so you can collect your profit
  • The best way to take profit on your investment positions
  • How to find LEGO sets that are expected to perform well

It will also keep you from making costly mistakes like:

  • Buying the wrong LEGO sets
  • Buying the wrong number of any given LEGO set
  • Tying up your capital too early
  • Not being able to cash out your profits when the time comes

Due to the nature of this content there will be no refunds issued.

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LEGO Investing Mastery

90 Minute Video Lecture
Every step is covered in fine detail, leaving no question unanswered.
Free Lifetime Updates
Every future update is free after you own this guide.
Customer Q&A
Q: Dear Mr Lewis I live in Belgium. Is it possible to do it in Europe? Where do you thinks it's the easiest to do this Lego investing in the world?
A: Yes. I have several students from Europe. It can be done everywhere.
Asked on Jan 13, 2024
Q: Should I have an Amazon business account before investing?
A: Business account: up to you, not needed but is nice to have Seller account: not needed before investing but good idea to set up soon after
Asked on Jan 17, 2024
Q: If I do the $169 WHOP access, does this also give me access to your $20/month SUBSTACk access?
A: No. The guide is for setting up the back-end of the business. The newsletter is for real time market analysis and documentation of my own business.
Asked on Feb 16, 2024
Who is this guide for?
Anyone who wants to take advantage of the incredible returns of LEGO investing (which have blown the stock market out of the water for decades)
Can this be done outside the United States?
Yes. I know LEGO investors all over the world.
Why should I listen to you? Who are you?
My name is Jarek Lewis. I am a former Aerospace Engineer that became self-employed and financially free due to the success of my own one-person online business. I have made more money LEGO investing in a single year, then I've ever made from the stock market, despite investing far less money.
How much money do I need to start?
You can start with $100 if you really wanted to. I encourage starting with much more, if possible.
How long will it take to see results?
It depends when you create your LEGO positions and what type of return on investment you are seeking. The closer to the retirement of a LEGO set that you create the position, the sooner you will see a return. The longer you hold, the better the return (on average).
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