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(22 reviews)

Alpha made Easy

Supercharge your experience

Become an Alphabot Premium User and get access to a variety of exclusive features designed to improve your Web3 capabilities.

Current features include:

  • Skip Twitter tasks, or +1 entry for doing them!
  • No Captchas or Ads
  • Advanced Reminders and Mint notifications
  • Calendar Customization
  • Enhanced Raffle Filtering
  • Enter Alphabot Premium Raffles

Purchase at https://alphabot.app#premium-user or directly in the Whop Marketplace. If you purchase here, you will need to connect your whop account within Alphabot.

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Premium Subscriber

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Alphabot Premium User Activation

Customer question & answers
can i pay in euro?
Yes, you can! Our prices are listed in USD, but when you pay by card - it'll be converted by your bank into your local currency.
Answered 6 months ago
How can i unsubscribe from the membership in Alphabot?
If you cancel your subscription within whop, your Premium access in Alphabot will be canceled when your membership in whop expires
Answered 3 months ago
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(22 reviews)
14d ago
Love everything
Purchased Alphabot Premium User Pass 9 months ago
User avatar
Kingface13 | WON'T DM YOU#6132
2 months ago
Awesome tool
Purchased Alphabot Premium User Pass 10 months ago
User avatar
4 months ago
really helpfull
Purchased Alphabot Premium User Pass 9 months ago
What is Alphabot?
Alphabot website and Discord bot which host a platform for running raffles, and tracking NFT launches. Currently we are focused on the NFT and Crypto space, with plans to expand beyond soon!
How do I create raffles?
Anyone can create raffles by creating a Community in Alphabot! Simply click the gold premium icon in the header at https://alphabot.app to set up your community. You can try it out for free with limited features, or purchase a Team Subscription there as well.
What kind of requirements can raffles have?
Raffles can have a wide variety of requirement configurations to gate entry into the raffle. They can require users to 1) Join a specific Discord server and/or have specific role(s) in the server 2) Hold a specific NFT 3) Follow a user on Twitter, and/or like/retweet a specific tweet 4) Complete a captcha to prevent bots 5) Submit a verified email address 6) Enter a password There are many many other configuration options as well! Check our Youtube videos for details
About the seller
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22 reviews

The Raffle Tool of Choice for Top Tier Alpha Communities. Created by @TheApeBilly & @TheApeList_ Alphabot Premium users: Subscribe to receive a host of features to Supercharge your Web3 Experience For a Team Subscription, visit our website and click the Premium icon in the header to get raffle creator access for your group.

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