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Assassin Stocks Guild

(115 reviews)

Unlock Your Trading Ninja: 24/7 Guidance, Real-Time Alerts, and Top-Notch Strategies here at Assassin Stocks Guild.

Real-Time Trade Alerts
Receive instant notifications on high-quality trades throughout the day for option trades and penny stocks.
1:1 Mentorship Program
A personal mentor to guide you through our proprietary strategies and scanners.
Exclusive Analysts
Get ideas from the best team of analysts out there. Ideas range from detailed strategies, mindset, and many more.
Gain access to hours of strategies using free indicators and important trading tips.
24/7 Support
Trade confidently with our Discord chat's 24/7 support – round-the-clock guidance for your trading success!
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Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(115 reviews)
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9d ago
Awesome server. Assassin gives great calls for swings, day trades and options. I mostly go for the swings but I see the option players killing it. Looking to try mentorship at some point but there’s tons of good insight and free resources here as well!
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11d ago
Awesome people here with a lot to learn and great calls! Monthly fee easily made back
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12d ago
There is so much opportunity for growth in this group. Whether it is for knowledge or to your account if you follow the rules. I started out with some knowledge on swing trading stocks and options and have learned more about options than I started with and now doing mostly spreads. I have seen a lot of progress in my account to a steady incline since starting with this group
What kinds of subscription passes do you provide, and do they renew themselves automatically?
Yes, all passes renew automatically every month from the day of your first payment. We offer two passes. One pass includes a 3-day free trial while the other does not.
What Does Assassin Stocks Guild Trade and at what times?
We trade shares on penny stocks and options on large-cap stocks/ETFs. We alert day trades between 7 a.m. CST to 8.30 a.m. CST. We alert end-of-day trades between 2.30 pm CST to 3 pm CST. We alert option trades throughout the day if we find great setups.
How Many Alerts Can I Expect Per Day?
The frequency of alerts you receive is tailored to your specific trading preferences and the number of analysts you opt to track. Your trading experience is fully customizable, allowing you to curate your feed by selecting which analyst alerts to follow. Analysts specializing in scalping or day trading tend to provide more frequent alerts, as the dynamic nature of these strategies demands swift action, whereas those focusing on swing trading or long-term investments offer alerts at a more measured pace.
Do The Analysts Take The Trades They Alert?
Absolutely! Each trade idea our analysts present is a reflection of their own commitment, as they personally invest their own capital in their portfolios. We set the standard by leading with our actions. True leadership means never asking others to venture where we wouldn't tread ourselves.
Do you issue refunds?
Sorry, we do not offer any refunds because we offer 3 days free trial at no cost to you. This is your chance to test our signals and alerts to see if they are for you.
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Assassin Stocks Guild
Trading • Stocks

115 reviews

A place for beginners and experts alike to learn to trade using technical analysis with proprietary indicators. You will receive a trading strategy that gets you set up with a game plan. Also, receive daily trade ideas that are designed for new traders. No worries about the PDT rules. We got you covered, from stocks to options.

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