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Bet Live With US

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Exclusive screensharing from a capper's live bettings, WE REFUND FEES IF HE GETS LESS THAN 60% winning rate ,WE PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS! 💵

Welcome to BET LIVE WITH US, the ultimate destination for live sports betting enthusiasts! Our store on Whop.com is more than just a service – it's your gateway to joining a community of winners.

What do we offer? Unprecedented live betting sessions where you can watch and mimic the bets of a professional bettor with a proven track record. For over six years, our expert has maintained a remarkable 70% win rate, specializing exclusively in basketball.

Why choose us? Because we provide an unmatched level of transparency and engagement. Our capper bets live with real money, and subscribers can see every move – a first-of-its-kind experience in the betting world. Whether you're new to betting or a seasoned pro, our platform offers insights, strategies, and a chance to witness successful betting in real-time.

Join us and gain access to:

Weekly live betting sessions. Direct interaction with our betting expert. A transparent and proven betting strategy. A vibrant community of informed bettors. Subscribe now for a genuine, profitable betting experience. Let's beat the bookies together

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Live stream
You get inside our Trader's computer! See all his action in real-time!
We will guide you through it if needed! Just Ask us!
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6 months ago
i used their service through discord, i gain access to their trader's screen and i was watching him placing his bets, that was something else really, i could see the value straight away, definitely will keep using this service once i will put some money to my betting account. totally worth a look
Do you actually refund??
Yes we do! If our Capper gets less than 60% winning rate the week that you have purchased your subscription, you get refunded 100% of your subscription fees for that week!
Why 60%?
Because with our strategy, 60% makes you profit. Example.. Lets say you bet 100 bets of $100...that week. Thats total $10000. If you win 60 of them with the odds average being 1.8 is 60 times $180 = 10800 return. Bear in mind that for the last 6 years our Capper has a winning rate on average 70%+...
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Bet Live With US
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🏀LIVE bets on Basketball🏀

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