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BiggerPicture Trading

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Empower your trading with real-time, clear market insights via Discord. Learn, ideate, and execute our A+ trading strategies with confidence!"

Expert Market Analysis
Professional and in-depth market analysis to guide your trading decisions, available instantly in your Discord.
Real-time Market Insights
Receive quick, accurate market info via Discord. Dedicated to reducing chaos and enhancing clarity in your trading.
Plan Ya Trade, Trade Ya Plan!
Receive a detailed Trading gameplan every morning so you never miss out on a potential lucrative trading opportunity.
Real-Time Trading Alerts
Stay updated about market changes directly via Discord and make quick decisions in the ever-changing world of trading.
Scans and Watchlists
Learn how to build scans and watchlists for A+ setups based on our trading system and execute without hesitation.
Learn your way around our indicators. Identify A+ setups with ease and know when to size up or limit your position size.
Once you sign up, you have full access to our proprietary indicators, and resources. As such, there are NO refunds.
Customer Q&A
Q: Is this indicator compatible with TradingView?
A: The Indicator is currently available on ThinkorSwim (ToS) only. The coding languages of TradingView (Pinescript) and ThinkorSwim (thinkscript) are different. Nevertheless, work is being done at the moment to launch the indicator(s) on TradingView before the end of the year. I hope I answered your questions correctly! Remain blessed!
Asked on Apr 26, 2024
Customer reviews
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(7 reviews)
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17 days ago
Will is a true stand up guy. He brings so much value to everyone for free that I must support. He trusts and trades his system that works without having human bias. I have done an one on one with him because he evaluates each trade before making a move. He is extremely patient and thorough. When I saw that he was offering his A+ setup indicator I had to get it too. Thank you for all the value you have given me! Forest then the trees.
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23 days ago
This is by far the best mentorship I ever took. I highly suggest go with will before even trying anyone else . His has system and just trade the system. His mentor discord a great community.
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2 months ago
This course is worth the investment. If you want to take your trading journey to a higher level, struggling with consistency, etc., this is the place to be. Will is a great teacher. The course is clear and very well structured; it is presented from the view of the receiver. Will is looking to pull everyone up to be successful and his commitment to his students is remarkable. This is the first course that I've had that I actually understand how the overall market moves and why. Take the course.
How does your service bring clarity to my trading via Discord?
Our Discord service provides real-time, accurate market information and professional analysis, along with daily trading gameplans.
What kind of market information is provided on the discord channel?
We provide real-time market trends, analysis, and A+ setup alerts.
How do I receive market information via your Discord service?
Once subscribed, you will be added to our exclusive Discord channel that provides fast, accurate market info.
How does the morning Trading gameplan help me?
The gameplan provides an outline of promising trading opportunities for the day, aiding swift and informed decision-making.
What if I'm new to trading? Will I understand the information provided?
Absolutely, our system is designed with both novice and experienced traders in mind. Information is broken down for easy comprehension.
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BiggerPicture Trading
Trading β€’ Investing

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At BIGGER PICTURE TRADING, we work intensively with serious and committed traders to bring more clarity and discipline to your trading by helping you develop and build a proven system with a profitable edge, where you only trade setups that are stacked in your favor (A+) to always keep you on the right side of the trade, while protecting your downside. Suitable for Day traders, Swing Traders and Position Traders.

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