Book of Alpha

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Make easy money from the comfort of your home.

Premium service providing access to:

  • Custom Price Error Database catching every site's glitch
  • Custom ticket and resell monitors
  • Daily Flips
  • Exclusive methods for cheap electronics and other stuff to flip
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NFT/Crypto Alpha
Multiple Exclusive influencers calling low risk and risk free trades daily.
Price Error Database
1 of a kind price error database that alerts EVERY discounted glitch on Amazon, Bestbuy + many more.
Random Resell Experts
We find every random item that resells on the internet. In-house staff of respective experts.
Ticket and Product Monitors
Exclusive monitors actively finding when profitable items restock.
24/7 Support
Access to our support team at any time.
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(742 reviews)
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1 month ago
Absolutely lit. The asking price seems a little high 'til you get in and realize the value here is insane. I'd like to say its been my best purchase of 2024 so far but with all stuff I've copped since joining I guess it's just the godfather of all those purchases.
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2 months ago
great server bro never misses his picks it crazy
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2 months ago
Super fun and you can make alot of money doing it!
What makes you guys different than other reselling groups?
We are the first reselling group ever made (est. 2018)! We have maintained our top position by hiring exclusive experts in every field. Other groups were made afterwards and lack the personal support and the knowledge of all of our staff members. We also have built massive custom databases to track the craziest price errors across 10+ websites. We promise there is nothing built like it anywhere else.
How does the ticket reselling work?
1. Follow our guide from our expert ticket brokers telling you exactly what to buy. 2. Pull up the concert and cart your ticket 3. Talk 1 on 1 with our brokers to get double confirmation your tickets are good. 4. List up and secure sales within 2-4 weeks on avg. 5. Kick back, relax, and watch the profit hit your account :)
How much money do I need to start?
We recommend having a couple hundred bucks to start. The more the merrier, but you'd be surprised how many cheap opportunities there are to multiply your money.
How active do I need to be?
The more active you are the less stuff you miss, but you can easily add this as a little side hustle. We have an easy day-by-day drop channel telling you what's going on for that day. Then just have notifications on to catch other random things.
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Book of Alpha
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742 reviews

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Make money reselling from the comfort of your home! Waitlist available for a limited time.

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