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Data Driven Picks

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Data-driven picks uses sentiment analysis via APIs, alongside probability theory and EV calculations, to make data-informed decisions, for sport bets.

Data-driven picks leverage API sentiment analysis, probability theory, and Expected Value (EV) calculations to make informed decisions. By analyzing sentiment data from sources like social media and news, these approaches gauge public sentiment toward a particular team or asset. Probability theory is then applied to assess the likelihood of various outcomes, such as the probability of a team winning or a stock's price movement. EV calculations are used to determine the expected return or profit from a particular bet or trade, factoring in both probabilities and potential payoffs. These data-driven methods help individuals in fields like sports betting and stock trading make decisions based on statistical analysis rather than gut feelings, promoting more informed and rational choices in these domains.

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Daily Data Driven Picks
Daily picks are sent out to our premium members. Each pick is made using our in house algorithm.
Have access to our library that contains: EV Calculators, Probability Theory, Bank Roll Management, Etc...
Access to our AI bots
Members have access to our bots that assist with: Injury Updates, Trade Updates, Etc ...
Cheat sheets
We offer all members our MLB, NBA, and NFL cheat sheets. Giving our members daily individual matchups that we like.
Our community is unrivaled. 100's of members with the same goal, PROFITABILITY.We built a community that helps eachother
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Daniel Juan#8524
13d ago
I have confidence in the picks selected and I don’t even watch sports. I just wait for the pick, apply proper risk management and watch the magic happen!
Purchased 24d ago
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14d ago
Overall it's the community in the chat is what makes the discord worth it! DDP helps us stay motivated to keep up with the daily call outs to win and cash out on game. Doubled my money within a week πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
Purchased 24d ago
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14d ago
I've been thoroughly impressed with Data Driven Picks. The consistency in their predictions is remarkable. What sets them apart, though, is the fantastic community. It's welcoming and engaging. One thing I particularly appreciate is the simplicity of the group. It's incredibly easy to follow through on their recommendations. No unnecessary complexity, just straightforward. All in all, Data Driven Picks is a gem forsure. Highly recommended!
Purchased 25d ago
How many picks per day?
1 - 3 per day this limits the spread of error in each pick.
How's the community?
The community is there to help. I've seen countless times members assisting each other or collaborating.
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Data Driven Picks
Sports Picks β€’ Betting Algorithms

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Two Stanford graduates, now quantitative analysts at a prominent hedge fund, have developed data-driven strategies for sports betting like stock trading. They employ API sentiment analysis, probability theory, and Expected Value (EV) calculations to make informed decisions. By analyzing public sentiment and applying probability theory, they determine the likelihood of various outcomes. EV calculations help assess expected returns, ensuring their choices are based on rigorous statistical analysis rather than intuition.

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