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$150,000 PROFIT in 2023 | Sports Betting Success Starts Here

Unlock the edge in sports betting with DataWise. Your premier source for high-value bets and unmatched sports betting expertise.

Whether you are just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran I guarantee you will find value in joining DataWise.

DataWise and the team of sports betting experts are always looking for the most profitable sports betting opportunities.

Join DataWise and Get Access to:

  • Daily profitable +EV plays
  • The most profitable sports betting strategies
  • An educated and motivated community that will help you achieve your goals
  • Access to our educational guides and experts to become a profitable sports better

Join the DataWise community and begin your journey of becoming a profitable sports better!

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Typically 10+ slips are provided every day. Prizepicks, Underdog, ParlayPlay, Fliff, etc
We have bots that alert you of discrepancies and errors
Real Time Alerts
Get real time notifications on your phone when there is a new play
Educational Content
We have a large catalog of educational content and provide 1 on 1 support in the discord
Customer Q&A
Q: Is this discord mostly posting prizepicks plays or underdog plays? Ive found lots of trouble locking in underdog plays from different premiums. Thanks
A: We have plays for all DFS platforms! PrizePicks, Underdog, ParlayPlay, JockMKT, Fliff, etc.
Asked on Jul 29, 2023
Q: what kinda of bets to you send out. Im in Canada and we dont have prizeopicks and platforms like that, only sportsbooks,
A: Hi there, We play on all platforms! I’m also from Canada, NS. And we have prizepicks, underdog, ParlayPlay, bet365. Those are what I primarily provide, but there are of course many other books that can be utilized if accessible!
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Q: I was granted free general access but I also been banned. "user been banded from this guild" Pls help 🙏
A: If the discord account is new the bot will automatically think the account is a spam bot and ban the account. If you’re still interested feel free to DM me on discord for assistance! Reigndfsbets
Asked on Sep 4, 2023
Q: Is this an only DFS discord? Or you have other straight ev bets?
A: Both! :)
Asked on Dec 20, 2023
Customer reviews
4.89 out of 5
(151 reviews)
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6d ago
Only real discord that actually is interested in helping the customer!
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9d ago
Been here from the beginning and will be here for life! The community is amazing, the tools are top notch and this place just continues to improve every day. Don't doubt it for one second, you will be profitable!!
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9d ago
This discord is a Great community where everyone shares the same goal and datawise has the best tools and contributors to help reach that goal. There are also a ton of guides and support from the community so that any question you have can be answered.
How can DataWise help me?
We are a team of experienced sports betters that have a proven track record (150K+ profit/2023). We take the time and effort out of sports betting, our experts hand pick plays for you to tail.
Why should I join DataWise instead of making my own plays?
With our team of experts you don't have to worry if you are making long term profitable +EV plays. All of our plays have a Positive Expected Value, which is why we have been so successful.
What is DataWise's win rate?
We prefer to use ROI% instead of win rate. Win rate can be very misleading, a positive win rate does not always mean you are profiting. We are very transparent, all of our plays our tracked and currently we have ~10% ROI in 2023.
What makes us different?
Simple. We offer the best product on the market for the price you pay. The value you get from our experts, alert bots, and eduction is next level. We truly care about everyone's success and will hold your hand the entire way if that's what it takes.
How does billing work? Can I easily cancel?
There are no hidden fees and it is extremely easy to cancel at any time.
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Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

151 reviews

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Records Matter. Numbers Matter. Over $100,000+ in profit in 2023 alone. We provide you with everything you need to achieve long-term sports betting success. Wether you're a veteran or just starting your sports betting journey, the DataWise tools, experts and community will help you become part of the 1% of profitable sports bettors.

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