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DTG | Products

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Less than $1 a day.

DTG | Alerts + Education
$25.00 / month
DTG+ | Alerts + Education + Indicators
$35.00 / month

DTG Premium Is Finally here

We are proud to launch out premium service that includes an asolute ARSENAL of content, for a fraction of the price our competitors charge. All content and alerts are organic to DTG.

We don't cut corners with our analysis and education. To fortify that, if our analysts do not cover the monthly service in alert gains on any given alert day, your next month is free, AND an instant $100 cash giveaway is launched.


Discord access

Custom experience

Our roster is constantly evolving to have the best discord analysts in one spot, and we are always adding education.
Over $1,000 given away since pre-launch. Just for existing.
Custom Indicator + AI
80%+ Win rate. You won’t find this anywhere else.
Our alerts are proven to be profitable and easy to follow.
Real Reviews!
We want complete transparency. We will never delete any reviews or skew any gains.
We Prioritize Education
We don't just want alert followers. We teach extensive tactics and analytical theories.
Customer question & answers

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Customer reviews
19 days ago
Diesel is the real deal, no doubt about it. You not here? Well you're missing OUT!!
Purchased a month ago
21 days ago
I just signed for the indicator so I cant review it yet and will update in a month or so, BUT I have been following Diesel for quite some time now and the less we can say is that his alerts are spot on ! Definitely one of the best. He also always emphasized the importance of education, and is a really nice guy. I'm confident DTG+ will help improve my trading skills and can help everyone willing to put in the work for it!
Purchased 21 days ago
22 days ago
I just signed up, to DTG new server today, but been following him for awhile. He's calling out lots of great plays each day. I also like that he's been where other traders have been so can relate, struggles before finding strategy that works I've watched one of his classes & have seen him in Voice chat. I like how hard he's worked hard & stays humble.. he helped me today adding his new indicator quickly with no issues.
Purchased 22 days ago
Why DTG?
For $1/day, we don't need to compete with other servers that take free bots then slap a price tag on them. Our AI analysis, indicators, and education is all built from the ground up. Fingers on keyboard, 1,000's of hours of research, and an impossible to beat record. Our goal is to teach you how, not just to become another alert follower. Come see for yourself for free, skip eating out once a month, and invest in yourself! We even give out real money to random subscribers weekly.
Where does my money go to?
Here at DTG, I'm proud to fully disclose the fact that 80% of all revenue generated goes to staff support and cash giveaways. The rest goes to the server marketing + even more tools that make this price a STEAL.
What does DTG stand for?
Diesel Trading Group. You're not a customer, you're a partner.
Refund policy
We unfortunately cannot provide refunds on services that are instantly granted. However, we do prioritize customer support and want to make amends as soon as a problem could occur. Please submit a trouble ticket and we'll be of service. Out of over 400 paid clients, we're proud to say that no one has requested their money back.
Where can I see more? Or Ask further questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact us in our discord server. We'll be more than pleased to answer any more questions.
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DTG | Products
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

11 reviews

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# Welcome to DTG! Love the free content? Hell yeah. Want more? Hell yeah. Here you can acquire access to the subscription based services we have to offer.
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