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English Teacher Education Telegram Group

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NEXT ENROLMENT - JULY 21st SIGN UP NOW | Limited places

🎊 Waitlist price of $52 per month forever!🎉 *regular price $79pm

😓Do you worry that the English you teach may not sound natural to native speakers?

🚀 Do you want to improve the quality of your English teaching and get more professional students?

✨️ Then you need to join this group! ✨️

Get all the resources, advice and feedback you need to become the best English Teacher you can be and level up your teaching career!

✅ Get personal coaching by Teacher Ash plus 24/7 chat!

✅ Get the resources I used to become a TOP ENGLISH TEACHER

✅ Learn Native English daily with discussions and quizzes

✅ Join Live training sessions and seminars hosted by Teacher Ash

✅ Get video Lessons and Seminars to watch ANYTIME!

✅ Perfect the art of teaching on Social Media and kickstart your career!

This group has 1000's of £££ worth of information, resources and coaching all just for $̶7̶9̶ $52 a month, that will transform you from an English Teacher into an English Expert!

(This group is on Telegram and will require a Telegram account and a device join)

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Lessons and Seminars

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🧑‍🏫 English Teacher Education Group

24/7 Feedback from natives
Upload your video content and english materials and get feedback, advice and support to reach your potential! 👨‍🏫
Live Seminars 2x a month
Live seminars with Teacher Ash to discuss detailed English topics, teaching methods and more! (sessions are recorded)
Mindblowing Resources
Get access to secret Teaching resources, tools and materials to upgrade your teaching ✅️
Training courses
Get access to exclusive trainings and courses to develop your Teaching skills. Only available to group members!!
Teacher only community
Join the world's first English Teacher group. Network with other professionals and learn from the best in the business
Social Media Kickstart
Perfect the art of teaching on social media🤳 and learn the tips and skills to promote your English Lessons globally!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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4 months ago
Teacher Ash is very attentive! Congrats for you mate 👏🏼😊!
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1 year ago
Really good for people who want to practice speaking, improve communication skills or learn british accent.
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1 year ago
Such a wonderful teacher, I enjoyed attending his classes. Fun and informative 👌🏻
Where is the group?
It is on Telegram, so you will need to have a telegram account and link it to your subscription!
Can I cancel before the 'free trial' finishes?
Yes, but then you would miss out on all the exclusive coaching, support, seminars, discussions and resources! 😉
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes you can cancel anytime! However, you will not be able to redeem the free trial if you wish to join again.
Where are the LIVE seminars and discussions held?
They are held on Google Meets, the link will be sent to the group in advance! It will also be recorded!
Can I upload my English teaching content to be checked?
Yes of course! We'll provide feedback and let you know if it sounds natural!
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English Teacher Education Telegram Group
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3 reviews

The English Teacher Education Group is the idea of popular online English Teacher ASH. Many English Teachers feel as though they don't have the resources to check what they teach leading to a lack of confidence and the inability to get valuable high paying students. Fix all those issues with this exclusive group designed by English Teachera for English Teachers!👨‍🏫

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