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Flex Trades

(83 reviews)

Live Trading Daily

  • 2x Daily live trading sessions of the futures/forex markets
  • Advanced scalp trading strategy developed from ICT
  • Scalp trading signals
  • Trade signals
  • Mentoring
  • Weekly market analysis
  • Trade recaps
  • Full ICT learning guide
  • Funded account passing
  • Crypto market analysis
  • Alt-coin trading
  • Spot buys
  • Mint bot access
  • Learning guide
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Live Trading
Join our live trading sessions in the futures market twice daily and learn Flex's profitable strategy learned from ICT
Scalping Specialist
Flex specializes in scalping the 1-minute timeframe and achieves an impressive win rate and accuracy on a daily basis.
Learn to predict price
Learn what the masses can't, Flex will teach you everything you need to predict price and not react to it.
Trade Alerts
Daily trade alerts from our analysts for effortless profits, alongside countless other features provided in the discord
Personalized Coaching
Get tailored advice on trading with our 1-on-1 coaching sessions. We help you understand market strategies and trends.
Funded Account Passing
Get a funded account passed inside 24 hours by our team to increase your trading capital as well as your profits
24/7 Support
Gain access to support 24/7, so you're never left unsure. Join the discord and open a ticket to speak to Flex
Customer Q&A
Q: Hello, how often do you send forex signals ?
A: Multiple times throughout the week, We also have 7-10 live streams where we trade per week
Asked on Aug 29, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(83 reviews)
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17 days ago
Flex's ICT trading server is an educational gem! There is a wealth of knowledge available here, it is simply invaluable. Plus, the value for money is unbeatable. Whether you're a new or seasoned trader, this server is a must-have in your trading journey.
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19 days ago
I've been a long time member and soon enough I don't think I'll need Flex's guidance. He's an amazing teacher and it would be impressive if you made no money learning from him.
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19 days ago
I was in the in the free discord channel for quite some time till I started seeing some of the trades/profits all the guys in premium were making on a consistent basis, I've been in the premium for around a month now and I started off sizing extremely light and I just recently been funded. Can't wait to start sizing a little heavier and getting those fat payouts with everyone else in premium, I couldn't recommend this guy enough.
Are new traders welcome?
Yes, we are beginner friendly and have helped hundreds of new investors make profitable trades and understand the fundamentals of trading. With our complete start-up guides, any level of experience is suitable to join
How does 1-on-1 coaching work in the discord group?
Our experts provide customized advice based on your trading experience, and understanding market strategies and trends. This happens within a private zoom meeting.
What type of support channels are available to me as a member?
We provide 24/7 support. Use the discord to open a ticket to reach out to our team.
How do I join the Discord server?
Once your purchase is confirmed, you'll receive an email with an invite link to our Discord server.
Do I need any special software for your discord trading group?
No, just install Discord on your device (PC/Mobile) and join our server.
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Flex Trades
Trading β€’ Forex

83 reviews

Master the art of price delivery πŸ₯·πŸ»πŸ’°

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