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What is the 40.00 a month for? Providing access to doc's who will of course, still charge patient insurance and copays etc. Is that correct?
Hi Tracey! Happy to help. You will not be charged any additional fees when you sign up for FUTURE HEALTH. When you sign up through our website, the $40 a month covers unlimited virtual primary care, urgent care, and adult therapy. There will be no additional charges. We aren’t health insurance because we don’t cover hospital visits or brand-name prescription drugs that your health insurance might, but we give you everything else you need without the insane, unpredictable costs.
Answered 3 months ago
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24/7 Doctors - You should be able to see a doctor whenever/wherever, and now you can. Ours are credentialed and highly trained, with an average of 16 years of experience. When you're on vacation and discover a weird bump on your arm at midnight and start freaking out, you can talk to someone immediately. Therapy for Everybody - Choose from a network of experienced therapists to get the support you need. If you love one, stick with them. If you don't, pick a new one. It's unlimited, so you can talk to a therapist whenever you want. Getting Meds for Free (or really cheap) - Meds are insanely expensive and we're over it. Choose from 600+ free generics from your regular pharmacy, or have them delivered to your house so you don't have to interact with any humans. Plus, you get a massive discount on over-the-counter drugs. Hating on Insurance Companies - We've all been paying wayyy too much because the insurance companies make it disgustingly expensive and comically hard to understand. FUTURE Health has everything you need, at a reasonable flat-rate monthly price.

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