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Igotchu Trades

(14 reviews)

Maximize profits with expert-curated signals and educational material.

Igotchu Trades - Profit Plus Plan Description:

VERY IMPORTANT: Upon signing up you will see a checklist, please watch the "Welcome Course" this is about 20 minutes long and explains everything you need to know.

  • Analyst Signals and Recommendations: Receive real-time signals and detailed recommendations from our experienced analysts, providing insights into their trades, entry and exit points, and market strategies. Stay ahead of market trends with expert guidance.
  • Setup Course: Get an in-depth setup course that covers all aspects of setting up your trading accounts and platforms.
  • Extensive Educational Materials: Profit Plus members receive a wealth of educational resources, including comprehensive courses, informative videos, live tutorials with analysts, and 1-on-1 attention. Deepen your understanding of the stock market and refine your trading skills.

The Profit Plus Plan offered by Igotchu Trades is the ultimate solution for traders looking to take their investment journey to new heights. This plan provides comprehensive investment opportunities, real-time signals and recommendations from experienced analysts, advanced trading tools, and extensive educational materials. Gain access to carefully researched investment options, stay informed with expert guidance, optimize your trading setup with an in-depth course, and deepen your understanding of the stock market through comprehensive courses, videos, live tutorials, and personalized 1-on-1 meetings. Elevate your trading experience and maximize your profit potential with the Profit Plus Plan from Igotchu Trades.

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You will receive a free stock when signing up with Igotchu Trades curtesy of Robinhood.
Option signals
Know when to buy and sell options so you can maximize your profits!
Group Meetings
3 times per week every week we will be meeting and discussing the market as well as assisting you with any issues.
Live Trading
Learn from the best of the best, during the bi-daily conference calls with expert stock Analysts during trading hours.
Educational Help
New to trading stocks? If so rest assured, educational videos and more are provided with your subscription!
Get Started Course
You will provided a course which will walk you through the basics of trading as well as how to profit off of our service
24/7 Support
Are having any issues or have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at (678) 814-2034 via text
Customer question & answers
If I pay a monthly subscription fee to you, do I also have to pay a monthly subscription fee to WHOP to start making money?
No, you will use robinhood to place trades
I would like to schedule an appointment with you for on trading. Thank you looking forward too hearing back from you Maxine Jones
If you would like to schedule a meeting please text (678) 814-2034
If I sign up for the $100 plan and I earn money off stock can I transfer money to my own bank or do I have to invest it in more stock?
You will be able to transfer all of your earnings to your bank account.
If I start with the $100 subscription fee, can I change to $50 after I am trained. I am interested, but don’t know anything about trading.Thanks
I am a beginner do I have to go in and sign up for Robinhood? Also, is that where the trades come in at?
Yes, you will provided signals on what you can buy and sell and when to do so. This is where you will be able to see your profit
How much profit is expected?
We are aiming for $500 a day, of course it takes time to build up to that if you are a beginner
How long does it take to get approved through Robinhood?
Instantly-2 days
I'm a beginner I already have Robin hood but don't know whare to begin. I am planning on getting the $100 plan. What is the difference between the 2?
The Profit Plus plan provides educational material as well as investment opportunities while Standard only provides investment opportunities, it Is recommended that you get Profit Plus if you are a beginner to trading. Upon signing up you will be presented a course, in this course everything will be outlined to you and explain how to set everything up so you can use our services for profit.
How long would it take for me to make profit
The next day
I understand that I can submit my $100 membership monthly using my debit card, however do I still need to submit $150.00 in to a Robin Hood account
It does not have to be $150, but yes, the payment that you are paying to Igotchu Trades is a service that provides you investment opportunities
How much would i spend in total the first time i buy it after buying the stocks
It is recommended you put at least 150 into your robinhood account in addition to The membership. One thing to not is the the 150 you put into robinhood is not an expense, because it is still your money and you can pull it out at any time, its just an investment.
How do I upgrade to the $100 plan?
You would upgrade the same way that you originally purchased standard
Customer reviews
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1 month ago
Igotchu trades is the perfect place to be for learning and making money. The analysts are fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity!
Purchased 1 month ago
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1 month ago
I just signed up a day ago. My first meeting was great. Informative, interactive and builds confidence in the ability to trade as a beginner. I’m excited and ready to go!
Purchased 1 month ago
User avatar
1 month ago
I'm overly excited! The best decision that I could have ever made. The level of professionalism is amazing. I have told my family and friends. Stop putting off what you could do today until tomorrow. Thank again Stephanie Guillory
Purchased 1 month ago
Does this service offer signals for options as well as stocks?
Yes, with this service you will receive signals for stocks as well as options.
How does Igotchu Trades identify profitable options?
Our team of experienced analysts and market experts analyze market trends and indicators to curate signals.
What are your back testing results?
Our back testing currently shows a average daily gain of 47%. Of course this fluctuates day by day.
I am a beginner to this, what happens if I have additional questions?
We understand that a lot of our customers are beginners to trading, if you have any additional questions you will have access to our support team to assist you with any issues hat may arise.
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Igotchu Trades
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Igotchu Trades is not your ordinary trading service. Our commitment lies in leveraging our market expertise and analytical prowess to deliver high-quality signals that help our clients make informed trading decisions. Our team comprises seasoned market analysts who monitor trends, factors, and indicators, presenting you with profitable opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, we have something for everyone. We provide educational resources and analyst consultations. You can also take advantage of our bi-daily conference calls with expert stock analysts during trading hours. It's not just about trading. It's about smart trading, and that’s where Igotchu Trades comes in. Redirect difficulties and uncertainties to us, and we'll ensure you're fully equipped for success in the trading landscape. Here at Igotchu Trades we believe in learning along the way, you will provided educational content so you can become a expert in the field.

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