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Your journey towards becoming a Self-Made Trader begins now. Learn to grow a small account with as little as $500!

A Professional Futures Trading Community Like No Other!

Are you serious about becoming a Self-Made Trader? Reveal your true trading potential that’s been disrupted by bogus trade rooms, scammy funded prop firms, flawed back-testing, recycled indicators, useless chart patterns, and others. Stop allowing these distractions to hinder your future success.

Make Money by Taking Trades From a 27 Year Pro Futures Day Trader!

You will be coached and mentored by Darryl, our head trader, with 27 years of experience. Major areas of focus are trading psychology, risk management, developing your edge, creating a daily trade plan, and executing that plan. Learn how to trade your psychological makeup, rather than trying to trade the market.

Understand that the markets could care less about you, your money, or your trades. Our jobs, as winning traders, are taking money from the markets in return for putting on risk. That’s it. Don’t overtrade. Know your limits. Enjoy the game. Come back tomorrow and repeat the process.

These are the keys to becoming a Self-Made Trader, and we can transform you into one!

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Become Consistently Profitable
Start making money by following our trades from Day 1.
Real-Time (ES) Trade Alerts
Proven and consistently profitable LIVE trades taken by our head trader.
Trade Management
Watch Darryl execute and manage his Live Trades as he discusses the rationale behind them.
Experienced Head Trader
Our head trader has 27 years of trading experience.
Premium Access
Get access to Premium Education Channels and content.
One-On-One Coaching
Individual coaching for traders who wish to transform their trading results.
Customer Q&A
Q: 1) are trades intraday or swing ? 2) what is the profitability & % winning rate ? 3) do you trade long & short ?
A: Michael, thanks for joining! (1) our trades are intraday in the ES. (2) The win rate and profitability vary, of course, but our trades are profitable almost everyday (all trades and win-rates are posted in a FREE channel for everyone to review). (3) We trade both long and short.
Asked on Jun 11, 2024
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(3 reviews)
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2d ago
I'm still finding my way trading futures, but the experience that IKON has and describes on the Discord is very helpful for me. I like that the community is new, and I get my questions answered by several members with lots of experience in the ES, NQ, and other stocks.
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7d ago
This is one of the best discord server I've joined. Ikon live trades so you can see real time entires and exits. I've passed me evals and combines and have also gotten multiple payouts. This will be your last discord you join!
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2 months ago
IKON is an experienced trader with 20+ years of experience. He is not some fake guru trying to sell you a course. he teaches how REAL traders trade, and that's what I like. Most trading discords have young guys who know nothing about trading, but IKON is the real deal. I got my first PA with him and learned a lot while taking his trades.
I have questions. Where can I go to get answers?
For all questions and answers, join our Discord for FREE and directly message IKON for a prompt reply.
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Trading • Futures

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Since 1997, our head trader, Darryl, has tried and failed at countless trading systems, indicators, asset classes, etc. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on seminars, courses, and books, until he finally realized that he, himself, was the key to becoming consistently profitable. Benefit from Darryl's past attempts at eventually finding lasting success as a Self-Made Trader. Participate, ask questions, engage, and learn from our community. IKON FUTURES is managed by Ikon Trading Inc, a trading firm based in Southern California with over 54 years of collective trading experience.

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