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Juiced Bets VIP | Sports Betting

(162 reviews)

The #1 Sports Betting Discord ($10 bettor up $1,600 in Oct)

Welcome to Juiced Bets VIP, your ultimate destination for profitable +EV bets and expert sports betting knowledge!

New to sports betting? Seasoned vet? It doesn't matter. We’re simply here to provide you with winning picks that are back by math and data. No emotions. No hunches. No bs.

Our team of sharp sports bettors is equipped with industry-leading tools to find the best +EV opportunities, and we're here to share them with you!

Join Juiced Bets VIP and enjoy:

  • Winning picks delivered straight to your phone 24/7
  • Complete transparency and bet tracking
  • Expert insights and strategies that will help you become a successful sports bettor
  • An exclusive community of like-minded individuals sharing their passion and goals.

You'll be surrounded by motivated and experienced members who share your goals and who are committed to becoming long-term, profitable sports bettors. Join our community today and let's take your sports betting experience to the next level!

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VIP, Winning Slips

24/7 Plays
Instant access to profitable, sharp DFS, Straight, & Arbitrage bets!
Proven Track Record
Total transparency guaranteed - all bets are tracked!
A hub of knowledgeable bettors, empowering one another to excel in +EV betting
Educational guides to help you become a profitable sports bettor
Community Giveaways
Try your luck with community giveaways that reward you with cash or free subscriptions!
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Customer reviews
4.98 out of 5
(162 reviews)
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5d ago
Incredible community, if you have any doubts I assure you they will answer all your questions. 100% won’t disappoint.
Purchased Juiced Bets VIP Discord 6d ago
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9d ago
it’s worth the $30 a month, you’ll make so much money from the 4ways they do the $30 is nothing, I’m surprised they haven’t raised their prices. They are very trustworthy and I 100% recommended spending $30 a month.
Purchased Juiced Bets VIP Discord 11d ago
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9d ago
Really knowledgeable +EV betters in this Discord. Lots of valuable information to make people profitable DFS betters across many platforms (e.g., UnderDog, PrizePicks, Betr, etc.)
Purchased Juiced Bets VIP Discord 3 months ago
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Juiced Bets VIP | Sports Betting
Sports Picks • General

162 reviews

Profitable, sharp bets, delivered to you daily!

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