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Risk Wisely,Reap Bountifully!

Join me on my Forex Telegram channel and explore the exciting world of swing trading together!

Why swing trading?

Because it allows you to plan comfortably without the need to rush into entry positions. The swing trading strategy focuses on longer-term market movements. This means you don't have to constantly sit in front of your screen and monitor every minor market fluctuation. Instead, we give ourselves time for planning and analysis.

On my channel, I not only provide theoretical discussions but also share specific entry levels, including the entry price, stop loss price, and take profit price. This helps you determine your entry and exit points, and we can follow your positions together.

Additionally, I regularly share insights on trading psychology because I know it is the most crucial factor in successful trading. Mental fortitude, discipline, and emotional control are paramount for long-term success. That's why I dedicate special attention to trading psychology on my channel and share proven practices and thoughts in this area. Of course, strong emphasis is also placed on money management. I will teach you effective money management techniques to responsibly handle your capital and optimize profit potential.

Join now and let's explore the comfortable and planned world of swing trading in the Forex market together!

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Market analysis
I provide daily trend analysis for higher timeframes.
Entry opportunities
I explain how I enter trades based on confirmations from lower timeframes (M15-M5 timeframes).
Live trading
I show you my entry level, stop loss, and take profit levels so that we can track the trades together.
Learning swing strategy
I attach market analysis charts to each of my trading plans.
Forex psychology
Trading is 90% psychology. I will regularly write about psychological traps.
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(37 reviews)
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1 year ago
Understandable training from the basics, easy to diagest. Strategies are practiced in real circumstances.
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1 year ago
Mert jok :D
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1 year ago
Very good group , I can only recommend
What is the forex?
Forex, also known as foreign exchange is an international money market where participants buy and sell different currencies. It's the largest and most liquid market in the world, with transactions amounting to several trillion dollars per day.
What is the technical analysis?
Technical analysis is like deciphering the codes of financial markets. By studying price trends, patterns, and volumes, investors try to predict future price movements. It's essentially reading and interpreting the story of the markets, which can aid in making investment decisions. Price charts, indicators, and statistical models are the tools with which investors try to "crack the language" of the market.
What are the advantages of swing trading?
Swing trading offers several benefits: 1. Flexibility: It allows traders to capitalize on market fluctuations without the need for constant market monitoring. 2. Profit opportunities: It can be profitable in both rising and falling markets with the right positions and strategies. 3. Time efficiency: It doesn't require traders to watch the market for hours every day, unlike day trading. 4. Lower stress levels: Since swing trading thinks in longer time frames, it's less stressful than fast-paced day trading.
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