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Liberty's Insight Hub

(5 reviews)

Learn and Earn with a CFTe-ST Certified Trader, with over 5 years of expertise in Financial Markets and a track record of managing six-figure capital.

Advanced Trader Bundle

Embark on your trading journey with our Advanced Trader Bundle, designed to equip you with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the markets confidently. Here's what you'll get:

Foundational ICT Concepts:

  • Dive into the core principles of ICT to understand the fundamental framework of modern trading practices.

Wide Range of Trading Instruments:

  • Explore various trading instruments, from stocks to forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, to broaden your trading horizon.

Progressive Learning Path:

  • Follow a structured learning path that guides you from the basics of trading to advanced strategies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

Practical Application:

  • Apply theory to real-world scenarios with hands-on exercises and case studies, reinforcing your learning and enhancing your trading skills.

Risk Management and Discipline:

  • Learn crucial risk management techniques and the importance of discipline in preserving capital and navigating volatile market conditions.

Personalized Support and Community:

  • Gain access to our exclusive Discord group for ongoing support, personalized trade suggestions, and a strategy with a proven win rate.
  • Connect with fellow traders, share insights, and participate in weekly Zoom calls to deepen your understanding and grow your network.

Daily Market Analysis:

  • Stay informed about market movements with daily analysis and breakdowns of key trading pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD, and DXY.

Expert Guidance in Finding Profitability & Passing a Prop Firm:

  • Receive hands-on assistance in identifying profitable trading opportunities across various asset classes, refining your trading strategies and adapting to changing market conditions.

Lifetime Access:

  • Enjoy lifetime access to the Basic Trading Insights program, ensuring that you have the resources and support you need throughout your trading journey.


  • Don't just take our word for it – hear what past students have to say about their experience with our program.

Begin your trading journey on the right foot with Basic Trading Insights. Whether you're new to trading or looking to reinforce your fundamentals, our program provides the essential tools and support to help you succeed in the dynamic world of finance.

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Discord: Lifetime Access

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Online course

Online Course: Basic to Advance Course

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Telegram: Premium Access

Live Weekly Outlook
Stay ahead with real-time market updates and insights in our Discord channel.
Trading Education
Unlock over 2 years of trading expertise covering risk management, concepts, and strategies.
Live Trading Session
Join daily live trading and educational livestreams for hands-on experience.
Trading Chatroom
Engage in exclusive text chat for members to discuss strategies and market trends.
Community Strategies
Gain access to two simple strategies with over a 60% win rate, developed by our community.
24/7 Support in Real-Time!
Get direct, live support within our Discord anytime you need assistance.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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4d ago
Great information, with alot and precise trading courses. Also have discord acces with daily information and analysis. I got master pack wich is with lifetime acces, money well spent! 5 star
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5d ago
I purchased this Liberty's Insight Hub product, I received instant access to the courses, with a lot of information to become a profitable trader, I also received instant access to the Discord group, which is a cool group where only trading is discussed without much fuss, I am very satisfied with the purchase, taking into account that it is made for life, you get 5 stars from me !!!
User avatar
5d ago
Excellent trading course with valuable content and daily update data, crypto . Discord access adds a great community aspect for support and discussion. Highly recommended
How do I access the Discord channel for live updates and insights?
Answer: After purchase, you'll receive instructions for joining our live Discord channel.
What topics are covered in your trading education courses?
Answer: Our courses cover everything from basics to master strategies.
Are the live trading sessions recorded for later viewing?
Answer: Yes, all sessions are recorded for your convenience.
Can I interact with other members in the trading chatroom?
Answer: Yes, our chatroom encourages community interaction.
How do I access the community-developed trading strategies?
Answer: Upon joining, you'll access community-developed strategies.
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Liberty's Insight Hub
Trading • Investing

5 reviews

We are an Exclusive Trading Community dedicated to empowering our members through market insights and updates directly shared on our Discord channel. With us, you get unrestricted access to Daily Live Trading & Education Livestreams, making us a hub of comprehensive trading content and mentorship for over two years. Our unique approach includes a close focus on risk management strategies, concepts, and methodologies. Our exclusive text chat for members and direct support within Discord enhance our connectivity and responsiveness to your needs. We take pride in our two core strategies developed with a proven success rate of over 60%. Join us and equip yourself with tools for successful trading.

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