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Line Snipers

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+EV Gambling Service

Join our exclusive Discord community for the competitive edge in gambling! Experience daily +EV plays to enhance your bets, get on-demand ratings for boosts/promos, and advice to grow your bankroll effectively. Enjoy personalized plays for regional or targeted promos and 1:1 consulting for all your betting queries. Your one-stop solution for smart, profitable betting!

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High Volume of Profitable Bets
Dozens of +EV plays daily, posted exclusively to the Line Snipers Discord
Boosts/Promos Plays
Boosts/Promos rated on demand, including anything regional or targeted
One on One Consulting
Advice helping members learn how to grow their bankrolls effectively
Team of Sharp Bettors
Team of proven winners who post their plays daily, ensuring that plays will be posted for members at all hours
Customer Q&A
Q: Just curious what books you will cover?
A: I go through all of the promos on major books (DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM, Caesars, Barstool, etc) daily. I'll also look through and find plays for everything sent in the #devig-me channel. The non-promo/boost plays are pretty scattered depending on where edges pop up. I check through all of the major books (DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM, Caesars, Kambi, and more).
Asked on Oct 4, 2023
Customer reviews
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(4 reviews)
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1 month ago
Love the set-up of the Discord and have received a lot of helpful plays from Tennessee, JV, and Tom. The Line Snipers Discord is rich with knowledge and great customer service.
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1 month ago
contributors make it simple and easy to find +ev plays. knowledgeable community to help you try to understand ev betting on your own as well, great community
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1 month ago
Tom, Tennessee, and JV are all awesome at what they do. It’s a great community of people and they have made getting bets in a much easier process than having to find them myself. Would highly recommend to anyone that is interested in EV betting.
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Line Snipers
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4 reviews

+EV Gambling Service covering a variety of advantages over the books

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