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Lit Arena

(2 reviews)

Your Custom Discord Bot Needs!

Exclusively presenting All the Bots, your powerhouse for custom Discord Bot needs. Enjoy the convenience of a local food search to a 25-mile radius, ratings and reviews at arm's reach. Leverage access to eBay sales trends, new card tracking with detailed graphs and pop reports for in-catalogue cards. Keep up with turnaround times using the user-driven sub-tracking template. Plus, stay in the loop with information on all Japanese Sets from SWSH. Ideal for card enthusiasts and Discord users alike, available at an unbeatable monthly rate of $15. Hassle-free, full-fledged, simply intelligent. Upgrade your Discord experience today!

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Pull PSA Pop Report for Card
You will be able to pull the pop report and additional information about any card that is currently catalogued.
Tracked eBay Average Price
You can look up the average sales price trend for any card that is logged from eBay and see the price by grade.
Track Daily Pop Trend
You can add new Cards to be tracked and watch the pop levels increase daily and view them within a combo graph.
PSA Average Sub Turnaround
User driven template to add your subs by tier to create a unique sub tracking tool for turnaround times.
Japanese Set Info Megasheet
This spreadsheet has information for all Japanese Sets from SWSH forward with additional features coming to the bot.
Find Food Around You
Be able to search for any type of food around you within a 25 mile radius and see the places reviews and rating!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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4 months ago
Love the bot, Dev is awesome and responsive. Just can't wait to see what he has planned next.
4 months ago
An incredible bot from an exceptionally talented developer, who delivers features at lightning speed! It brings real-time data and insightful analytics straight to your members!
How does the card tracking feature work?
Our system pulls in data daily for any card you're tracking, providing trends, pop levels, and average sale prices.
Can I add new cards to the tracking system on my Discord custom build?
Yes, you can add and track new cards within our system.
What additional features will be coming to the bot?
We are constantly working on new features and updates to enhance user experience. Stay tuned!
How does the user-driven template work for sub-tracking?
The template allows you to input subs by tier to track turnaround times.
How does the eBay sales price tracking feature work?
Our system logs eBay sales data for tracked cards to provide average sales price trends.
About the seller
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Lit Arena
Business โ€ข Productivity

2 reviews

Our passion is to make your Discord experience as unique and engaging as possible. We specialize in constructing custom Discord virtual environments that are more than just a chat box. With us, you have the power to transform your Discord into a multi-dimensional interactive space catered to your specific needs and preferences. We offer features like immediate access to pop report and other relevant information for any cataloged card. Observe real-time sales price trends, tracked from eBay for any logged card graded by quality. Get the advantage of adding new cards to your tracking system, observing increasing pop levels daily in a composite graph format. With our user-friendly template, you can also customize your subs by tier to create an unparalleled sub tracking tool for turnaround times. Our expertise doesn't end there; we also offer a comprehensive spreadsheet providing information for all Japanese Sets from SWSH forward with additional features seamlessly integrated into the bot. And for a dash of fun, enjoy our unique chance game and roll for a random waifu to be sent in discord during special occasions! Striving to make Discord a more engaging and exciting platform for all users, we are committed to regular updates, refining features and addition of new elements based on community feedback. Let us make Discord not just a platform, but an experience for you.

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