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The Lord Of Sports Picks

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Pro Sports Bettor. I show you step by step how to beat your bookie and generate extra income.

Included in membership:

• Access to the VIP channel where all bets & analysis are posted.✅

• Recommended sizing with every bet using our carefully structured bankroll plan to achieve our goal, $10,000 ✅

• Support from LordPicks himself through Telegram or Twitter✅

• Results tracking: All of our bets are tracked and shared with our members and the public, providing transparency and accountability throughout this challenge✅

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The Lord's Room, LordSportsPicks, MPV, THE LORD VS BOOKIE

Professional Sports Picks
Access to All My Channels: Main VIP, 2H Bets King Channel, Lord vs Bookie Challenge and Parlay Group.
DAILY Sports Picks
NBA, College Basketball, NFL, CFB International Basketball and Soccer. 24/7 action.
10+ Picks A Day
Hitting leagues all over the world. From International Basketball leagues in Asia, followed by Europe, closing with US.
Customer question & answers
Anywhere to see your record for the past months?
Sorry I totally just seen this! Still new to the site. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @LordSportsPicks and I will happily provide you with the link and details about your questions. Thank you, LSP
Answered 5 months ago
Customer reviews
3 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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5 months ago
The sharp of sharps. No doubt
Purchased $50 VIP Monthly 5 months ago
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3d ago
Do not waste money, if u really want. At least join $24 a week first to see how bad this guy is, no knowledge. No analysis at all. He mostly just do moneyline. He only post win on twitter. He think ppl are stupid and blind. he can say today is great when he lost 3, only win 2. But instead he put 2-1 day I will take it. Totally garbage, if u think I am toxic, go at least try his free channel first. He post plays on free anyways nothing special on vip. DO Not waste your money. He charge expensive but trash. There are way more better one on twitter but charge way cheaper. GL
Purchased Road To $10,000 - 1 Week  6d ago
What sports/leagues does it includes?
Your monthly membership includes EVERY SINGLE sport/league, EVERY SINGLE bet big or small made by THE LORD himself.
What units size do you use?
I base all of our bets inside 1-5unit scale.
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Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

2 reviews

Pro Sports Bettor for Over 12 years. All Sports. All Leagues. 24/7 action.

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