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Maddens Ticket Sports Group

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The sports community you’ve been waiting for. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Here to help make your life easier. Invite your friends,enough money to go around

Lock it in Pick- Anywhere between 1-2 of the highest probable picks that day.

Master Picks- Regularly called, high probability picks. Ranging from Soccer to Hockey to Tennis.

Community Chat- Be able to chat with others that share the same sports enthusiasm/money goals as yourself.

Real Results- Look and share real time results from your peers as well as from Admins. Daily Feedback.

Please download Discord prior to subscribing!

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High probable picks DAILY
You get access to daily picks from basketball to hockey to soccer. As well as Lock of the day picks.
Peer to peer Interaction
Get access to channels where you can communicate and learn from other members of the community As well as share thoughts
24/7 Support
You'll have access to help around the clock if anything is needed.
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6 months ago
He drops multiple plays on the daily, 4/4 yesterday! Solid picks 💪🏼
Will there be picks everyday?
Yes, at least one pick per day with up to 4 being the normal maximum.
How long have you been doing this?
I have been sports betting for 4 years now. Profitable for 2 years. After extensive research and studying, it is time to spread the wealth.
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Maddens Ticket Sports Group
Sports Picks • General

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Welcome to the new and updated Maddens Ticket Sports Chat. After 4 years in the game and countless games, it’s time. Here you will receive the daily picks that I bet on from O/U picks to spread picks, to even some player props. Anywhere between 1-4 high quality picks per day! Come run up your bag with the winning team🤑. Download Discord Before Purchase.

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