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A support community that focuses on trading and psychology

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Real-Time Trade Alerts
Receive instant notifications on profitable trade opportunities to save time and boost earnings.
Exclusive Webinars
Access expert-led live trading webinars and develop trading strategies.
Psychology Masterclasses
Learn from experts on trading psychology to improve decision-making & long-term profits.
Exclusive Discord
Interact with like-minded traders, share strategies, insights, and boost your trading success.
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4.97 out of 5
(314 reviews)
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22 days ago
Even though all his teachings and strategies are enriching for beginning traders, even though he live trades most of the mornings, he absents a lot and get covered by his moderators and their teaching skills are less than average With that being said, all of the above is tolerable within the content of a discord streamer, BUT, the deal breaker comes when he doesn't show ANY brokerage statement proving that he is in fact a profitable trader himself (he just screenshots his alerts and profit targets but that's all) Transparency is key when it comes to being a furu streamer, and again, the lack of financial statements is reason enough to raise an eyebrow And by the way, the five star reviews are conditioned in order to get access to a "bootcamp" which are just videos of him "live trading" and talking about S&R and supply and demand zones I was in the discord for two months and im not looking for a refund, I don't even regret being in it, I'm just disappointed because I used to like Maplestax a lot
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2 months ago
After 2 weeks of being in the group, I'm still amazed by the amount of content it offers and the quality of it. There are multiple strategies that you can learn while also watching the main analysts/traders apply them daily. It's been a great experience!
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2 months ago
This is a great community. I learned a lot about price action and people in there are respectful and more important, supportive. Thank you so much for all you do, Maple
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Trading β€’ Investing

314 reviews

MapleStax is a dynamic community dedicated to bridging the gap between trading proficiency and psychological mindset. We are much more than a trading platform - we provide a thriving environment for learning, interaction, and growth. From expert-led trading webinars to profit-boosting trade alerts, we knit together the best elements of trading strategies and psychology. We aim to foster an engaging space where like-minded traders can share insights and knowledge, taking their trading journey to new heights. Join MapleStax and be a part of an empowering community that prioritizes your success in the volatile world of trading.

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