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Monster Bet

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Data Driven and AI Backed Sports Betting Picks

Full access to Monster Bet picks and features for one sport.

Currently we supply MLB and NBA picks, and are currently working on UFC and NFL picks.

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Daily Picks
Monster generates picks for every game for you to choose from based on all of the data surrounding each game.
The Lab
Use "The Lab" to do your own research on any pick you want to see!
View all relevant analytics for the pick you're looking at.
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7d ago
I've never made consistent gains like I am now before using Monster.
Do picks come out at a certain time?
Nope, Monster refreshes it's pick every hour based on the lines data and stats available.
What sports does Monster provide?
We currently provide picks for the MLB and NBA, with more sports like UFC and the NFL coming soon!
What is the difference between Picks and Monster Picks?
Picks are -150 to +199 odds, Monster Picks are +200 and up.
What is the Monster Probability?
Monster Probability is the % the pick hit in our model's simulations.
What is the Monster Edge?
Monster Edge is the % higher likehlihood that the pick hit over the line's implied probability.
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Monster Bet
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

1 review

Monster Bet builds AI Models and algorithms to help betters gain a competitive edge over the sportsbooks.

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