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Its Not Just Trading, Its a Lifestyle.

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Day Trading Start-Up Course

Daily LIVE Trading
4 Days A Week / 16 Trades A Month The Team Will Trade LIVE ,Manage Trades LIVE. Explaining “WHY” I Do Everything.
The Vault Trading Course
You Get Access To The FULL Trading Course , That Teaches You EXACTLY How I Trade
Trading Mentor
You Will Be Able To Share Your Trades & Get Support/Feedback From The Team
Learn To Make Money
Trading was my way to succeed, so i will commit to make it yours too
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2 months ago
Supportive and helpful. Mulla fx academy really made it simple for me to learn how to trade. I honestly recommend, you won’t regret :)
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MullaFx Academy
Trading • Forex

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MullaFx Academy is a platform for traders to gain experience form others and get guidance along the way. I clarify how I invest and trade, but the information given is not to be considered investment advice. Investing entails risk, and past success is no guarantee of future results. The investment is purely your liability and none of my own. Although day trading has the potential to bring significant profits, it is also likely to bring considerable losses. If you plan to buy, make sure you do a detailed analysis of the commodity class and the operation of the market to avoid investing in an under or overvalued commodity class. You would be able to lose less money than you would spend, thus not investing in something that you cannot afford to lose. Changes in the market may be a positive or a disadvantage. You should weigh carefully the risks, costs, and anticipated returns of trading before agreeing to buy. Your investment decisions are solely your responsibility. Videos and written details are copyrighted by Mubashir Qureshi, all rights reserved.

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