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We Don't Guess Our Picks

World's Number #1 Discord

  • Multiple Handicappers In Rotation πŸ”„
  • Bank Roll Management 🏦
  • Leaderboard & Daily Tracking πŸ“Š
  • Easy for beginners 🧠
  • Access to specialized analysts πŸ”₯
  • Community Engagment πŸ—£
  • Prop Bots to Research your own picks πŸ€–
  • Member-only giveaways πŸ’°
  • Guarantee Over 50% or Money Back
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Competiton Structure
We have multiple handicappers competing each other all tracked on a leaderboard.
Researched Picks
All handicappers must research and give a reason with each pick.
Sport Pick Contest
VIP Members are able to join weekly contest and win money
Daily & Weekly Recaps
We have multiple tracking channels such as Leaderboard, Capper Tracker and Daily record
Guaranteed 50% Or Money Back
We have a promise to all our members if at the end of the month the leaderboard is below 50% we will refund all members.
Help & Guidance
Our handicappers will answer all questions you need help with at all times.
We share how many units you should put on each pick to help you manage your bankroll.
Prop Bots
Do your own research using our bot
Customer question & answers
I signed up. How do I no you got the payment It don’t look like I am a member after I paid
Hey, Make sure to connect with whop and authorize it with discord to receive the role. After that you should see all sports on your discord
Customer reviews
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1 month ago
Great discord! Best cappers I’ve seen thus far!
Purchased 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Best discord you could join no matter what sport you’re looking at. Each capper more than covers the subscription cost and if you just follow the units there’s no better place to build your bankroll and cash big on lottos and long shot plays/parlays. You won’t regret joining!
Purchased 1 month ago
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1 month ago
I have only been here for a short distance but so far I’m really liking what I’m seeing. This seems like a really great community and I have already learned so much.
Purchased 1 month ago
When I sign up where do i access my account?
You access your account on Whop! Simply login and click hub and claim your role
How many Handicappers does MySportPick have?
MySportPick has between 6-10 cappers competing against each other and rotates if they don't get over 50% winnings
What makes us different?
Many things! 1. We have leaderboards 2. We update daily status 3. All Cappers must give a brief reasoning why they chose the pick 4. Exclusive Content 5. Full on Community to engage with others
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398 reviews

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MySportPick is on Discord and has over 20,000 Members and multiple handicappers who do research and studies behind each pick. Handicappers are competing against each other and we have a leaderboard to track handicappers. Each handicapper is also monitored by admin to insure quality picks. Handicappers so far have been hitting 65-70% hit average! There’s also a community where you can engage with everyone and share picks wins and losses. We also guarantee 50% and above or money back so there’s no risk!πŸ’™πŸ’΅Β 

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