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(7 reviews)

The N°1 in Belgium ! CG Sneakers & Random Resell.


We give you the key to success in the collectible resell, ticket, sneakers but also in investment and much more! NewLab’s is the CookGroup you need if you’re in Belgium!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our features:

  • Our group is available in Français 🇫🇷, English 🇬🇧 and Nederlands 🇳🇱.
  • A drop day every day to know what drops easily. 🪄
  • Weekly calendar containing all realase as well as raffle. 👟
  • Early info on most Drops and Shockdrops. ⚡
  • 24/7 support as well as 1 on 1 to help you on any subject. 🤙
  • More than 150 Sites monitored with several providers. 💻
  • Monitor Raffle and Social Network. 📸
  • Keyword pinger optimized to not miss any shockdrop. 🔔
  • Free Legit check service. 🔎
  • Regular groupbuys and giveaways. 🤝
  • Rewards and an integrated points system. 🎁
  • & Many more !
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Our group is available in Français 🇫🇷, English 🇬🇧 and Nederlands 🇳🇱
Sneakers Reselling
We provide you the keys for the sneakers resell.
Lowkey Flips
We make calls on cheap items a resell.
Ticket Reselling
Learn to resell concert tickets, tennis and much more!
Sports Betting
Safe and fun sport betting every day!
Price Errors and Deals
Don’t miss any more offers, promo, price error and much more!
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Customer reviews
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4 months ago
Meilleur CG de Belgique ⭐️
Purchased 5 months ago
User avatar
5 months ago
best cg
Purchased 5 months ago
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5 months ago
Great group for anyone looking for a Belgium-focused group! The team is very active and always happy to lend a hand.
Purchased 5 months ago
What is NewLab's ?
NewLab’s is a Belgian, but also French group that will give you information about the sneaker, multimedia and collection resell. With us you will have all the keys in hand to start the resell.
How to have access to NewLab's ?
To access NewLab’s you will need to participate in the waitlist above or come back by a friend already present in NewLab’s, there are also key drops in our restock discord.
How much does it cost ?
For the launch of Newlab's, the initial key is set at €29.90 for the first month, then it will be €19.90 per month.
I’m a beginner, can I join ?
Of course! Whether you’re new to sneakers or a real plug, NewLab’s is for everyone !
I’m under 18, can I start with NewLab’s?
Yes of course NewLab’s is open to everyone, whether you are young or not, as long as you have a bank card, you can start with us without worries! You can even start with a small cash flow thanks to our Lowkey calls!
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Reselling • Sneakers

7 reviews

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🇧🇪 & 🇪🇺 Focused Cookgroup | 🛍️ Sneakers, Random Resell & Many more. We are one of the best Belgian CookGroup! We offer Instore as well as Online mainly in Belgium, but also in France! Loan of 90% of our members have cop last month thanks to our early info and our plug instore! We want to make the resell of Sneakers, Items and clothing more accessible! Our group is aimed at beginners, but also at the advanced profile, thanks to our subscription to €19.90 per month, you are sure to easily make your subscription profitable!

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