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NVST.ly - Social Investing

(23 reviews)

A free social investing platform and trading community supporting all financial markets. Come for the signals, stay to interact and engage

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Signals offered for all financial markets. Stocks, options, futures, forex, & cryptocurrency.

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Trade Signals
Daily trade signals in all stocks, options, futures, forex, & crypto markets.
Educational content, courses, and knowledgeable traders to answer questions.
Social Trading Platform
Our unique social investing platform allows traders to track, share, & copy trades using in-depth performance stats.
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Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(23 reviews)
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23d ago
Learned a lot so far in here, been wanting to get into options trading as that is where I see a lot of gains being made. Their education channel has a great section for stock options making it super easy to understand for beginners. I've been trading with a support/resistance strategy on SPY options that rich taught me and it's been working great, will be trading with my actual cash account here soon. Awesome and helpful community!
Purchased Free Community 1 month ago
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25d ago
What you can expect from joining this trading server is an active community of investors and traders discussing current state of the market, a lot of technical analysis, sharing of strategies, flex cappin, trade sharing, and quite a bit of designated channels providing good trade signals by experienced traders referred to as analysts. Their education section is fantastic, a great place for beginners to get introduced and started with trading any financial market. If you're looking to follow trade alerts, I will strongly suggest Ellie. She does both stocks and options, and has a proven win rate of over 90% on the last 130+ trades. (They use a trade tracking bot/app they built, which records the live trade alerts using real-time market data to verify the signal price.)
Purchased Free Community 1 month ago
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1 month ago
this community is perfect for beginners or people looking to learn trading. full of learning material and educational content, paired with a helpful team that is responsiveness and always answering questions.
Purchased Free Community 1 month ago
Where should I start?
Our Discord server has a newcomer friendly onboarding process. When you join you'll be prompted with questions that will grant you access to channels and roles tailored to your interests. The #start-here forum at the top of your channel list will introduce you to our server and what we offer.
Do I need to pay?
Nope. Access to our Discord server is free which includes all our education channels, as well futures, forex, & crypto channels. Subscribing grants access to exclusive stocks, options, and crypto alert channels.
Why should I join?
Don't take it from us, check out the reviews many of our members and users have left on Disboard (https://disboard.org/server/reviews/872241427063668767) and Top.gg (https://top.gg/servers/872241427063668767)
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NVST.ly - Social Investing
Trading • General

23 reviews

Traders: Follow top traders & receive real-time notifications of their positions Push notifications or direct messages on Discord Get alerted when they open, average, trim, exit or add notes to positions. Gurus: Share trades instantly to Discord or social media Brokerage integration to automate trade signals Trader dashboards display in-depth stats such as win rate, avg gain/loss/return, total gain, and dozens more. Compete against others on a global leaderboard Discord: 35,000 traders

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