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Oasis Trading Group

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The #1 Trading Community based on Trading Education & Live Trading Daily

By PURCHASING the VIP Membership, you will receive FULL ACCESS to the folowing perks

  • Daily Options Trading Signals
  • Small Account Challenges (All Entries & Exit Alerts)
  • Weekly LIVE Recaps
  • TheTradingChamp's Daily $SPY Game Plans & Analysis
  • Rank Only Chatrooms
  • Daily VIP Watchlist


We are here to not only show everything we are doing during market hours, but we are also here to teach you how we do it.

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TheTradingChamp's Signals
Full Access to see what TheTradingChamp's entering & analyzing every day sent straight to your device!
BullishBritt's Signals
Full Access to see what BullishBritt is entering & analyzing every day sent straight to your device!
Real-Time Trade Alerts
Receive market updates and trading signals instantly from our team of options traders, enhancing your market performance
Daily Live Trading & Watchlist
Attend our regular, expert-led live trading sessions for insights into current market trends and our real time alerts
Small Account Challenges
This is for the people who have accounts with less than $500. We do challenges to help our members build their ports.
Weekly Education
Benefit from our weekly education classes going over our strategies in the market. **hours of videos**
Build Connections
They say your path to wealth is defined by who you surround yourself with. This community is FULL of traders to connect
24/7 Support
Create a ticket at ANYTIME within our discord if you have ANY questions about purchasing!
Customer Q&A
Q: What’s the difference between $50 a month and $100 a month?
A: Hi there. The main difference is daily live streams, more traders to follow (including crypto), plus lots of education materials.
Asked on Dec 12, 2023
Q: What is the method of communicating the options to the customer, is it via WhatsApp or email???
A: All communication is done via our Discord server.
Asked on Sep 20, 2023
Q: How to cancel subscription
A: Cancellation is as easy as signing up. Log into your Whop profile to manage your subscriptions. Or open a support ticket on our Discord server and a member of staff can assist.
Asked on Aug 17, 2023
Q: I m from India can I subscribe?
A: You must have a broker/platform that allows options trading
Asked on Jul 13, 2023
Q: Is there still room in the trading university
A: There is plenty of room on our whitelist. You won't be charged until you are accepted onto the program.
Asked on Jan 8, 2024
Customer reviews
4.55 out of 5
(104 reviews)
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2 days ago
This Discord is fantastic! Sharp is incredibly supportive and always responds quickly, genuinely wanting to help you succeed. By maintaining consistent trade sizes, you'll not only make money but also gain valuable learning experience.
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9 days ago
For 100 dollars a month id expect so much more. Its not necessarily the price but the value 100 dollars a month was not worth it. I have seen better trades on youtube for free. The HIGH ROLLER had a guy that barely speaks english and it got annoying after like a week. It was torture having to sit trough this discord. But i did to make a honest opinion. It was mostly waiting for fair value gaps and lottos. The worst part is theyll spam the comments with unecessary stuff like im getting married, im taking a trip, im buying a house, im buying a tesla, dude who cares i paid to make money not to see your comments on how your using the money from subscriptions. From what i say they make 10-20 percent on if not lose or break even on most trades. never heard anyone come in the chat and say they made money infact only one guy said he lost 1300 in a week.
User avatar
12 days ago
I got the free 7 day trial and I'm up $500 this week. I'm getting the VIP access for sure. Next will be HighRoller.
What is your refund policy?
All purchases made in Oasis are protected by our refund policy. This includes lessons, roles and any other purchase related to Oasis Alerts, Oasis Crypto and other partners / affiliates of Dollar Bull Enterprise LLC. Users understand upon purchase that they will recieve the good promised within the sale. We have a strict no refund policy on all digital products that we offer and items relating to Oasis and its discord server. In the case a user is unsatisfied with a product, they are suggested to cancel their recurring payment immediately via their PayPal account. If a user attempts to chargeback any purchase they will be banned by default from the server. We suggest opening a ticket if you wish to discuss concerns regarding your rank
What is included in my membership to the OasisAlerts server?
Your membership includes expert-led live trading sessions, daily charts and analysis, real-time trade alerts, weekly education classes, and a community of traders.
How does your alert system work?
Our expert team monitors the market in real-time and provides live trading alerts directly to your device via our Discord server.
How can I upgrade / downgrade my rank?
Create a ticket in the discord and we can discuss how to do this moving forward so you do NOT pay any extra!
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Trading β€’ Investing

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A server based on growing knowledge around trading and the market, whilst also providing live trading alerts in real-time.

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