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The leader in sports betting.

The Leaders in Sports Betting.

Changing the way we look at sports and how to gamble. Our research-based approach provide you with the most up-to-date information on what to play and when to play it.

NBA,NHL,MLB,NFL, etc. we have it all!

Join us today and experience the ParlayScience advantage. From bank roll builders, straights to jaw-dropping lottos. Let us help make every sports bet rewarding!

No one comes close to parlays like us! Leave the random bets behind and join 5000+ members in the most unique, fun and rewarding community in the industry!

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Analytical Data Driven Bets
Cutting-edge plays to maximize your success. With our insights & knowledge, we stay one step ahead of everyone.
Expert Parlays For Each Sport
Our team of experienced sports insiders provide you pick daily, ranging from bank builders to jaw-dropping lottos.
Community of Sports Bettors
Join an unbeatable team of like-minded sports bettors. Share strategies, refine your skills, and be one step ahead.
Community Giveaways
Try your luck with daily community giveaways that reward you for predicting the outcomes of your favourite sports teams.
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Customer reviews
4.41 out of 5
(658 reviews)
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1 month ago
You'll lose more money than you make. Too many cappers. And way too many plays posted a day. They can barely hit any parlays, not even a straight bet. Only 2 of them are worth tailing (Stoned plays) and maybe Simba on a good day. ParlayScience himself is inconsistent.
1 month ago
Better off doing your own research. You’ll lose money tailing this discord.
User avatar
2 months ago
Horrible picks I joined and lost for a week straight picking different people to tail.
What Is Our Purpose?
Our purpose is to make you a successful sports bettor. Our job is to provide the learning tools to help our members understand how to been a winning sports bettor. From our tools to 1 on 1 interactions with our contributors; we will do everything to help! And of course we spend all day building parlays that give us an edge over the books! The most important goal is for our members to become successful sports bettors long term. And if that means at some point they no longer need our services - that means we did our job well!
What Do We Provide?
To keep it simple - no one offers what we offer for $40/month • A team of professional contributors that cover all major sports. They work every day (almost all day) to find you +EV straights, parlays and more. If you are curious how serious we take this - one of our contributors who specializes in NBA/MLB/NFL is an MIT graduate in Mathematics. You won't find qualifications like that anywhere else. • Leading technology. We are partnered with some of the greatest minds in the industry. One of our main partners is props.cash. Together we have built exclusive and proprietary tools like auto-generated cheat sheet, data sheets, and a very exciting "AI Parlay" which has had success never seen before. • A community. This may sound silly but this is one of our favorite things we have to offer. The second you join the discord you are greeted like family by the team and members. You will have a blast sweating out parlays, watching games with thousands of other members. The excitement the moment a parlay hits and our chats go crazy is an unparalleled feeling! • We offer so much more we can't fit it in here. From bankroll education, parlay education, 1 on 1 chats with contributors, giveaways, merch, Research bots and so much more! From day 1 we have always been first in innovating this space. Everyone is playing catchup. That won't change. We are always working on improving and pushing boundaries.
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658 reviews

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Leading the way to revolutionize the industry. Changing the way we look at sport betting. Our data partners help us create the most cutting-edge plays to maximize your success. With their insights and our knowledge, we stay one step ahead of everyone else in this ever-evolving game!

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