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Poro's Picks

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Making People Honest Money.

Receive Access to Our Exclusive Premium-Only Discord for Paid Members Only. Talk to Poro One-on-One regarding Sports, Picks, or anything else.

All Sales Are Final

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24/7 Support
You'll get a response from Poro personally about any questions regarding picks or potential purchases.
Premium Picks
By signing up, you'll be messaged about our best available picks both Pre-Game and Live.
+EV Plays Guarenteed
The moment you receive a play, you are already gaining an edge on Sportsbooks as all picks are +Expected Value.
Multiple Sportsbooks
In Sports Betting, the more books the better, and here we use and give out plays from a plethora of sportsbooks.
Tips and Tricks
Learn the inside and outs of being a profitable sports bettor and making it into a successful side hustle.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(1 reviews)
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21d ago
Great server with an honest owner, subscription is the cheapest I've seen, and its amazing value for what youre paying, i made my money back from a month subscription in two days
How many picks/day are released in Premium?
There is no definitive answer, it could range from 1 to 10 picks, so long as there is value that we see in picks.
What sports do you cover?
NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, if its on a Sportsbook, we'll look into it!
What sportsbooks do you use?
To make money in sports betting, the more books the better. we have a plethora of books used both US and off-shore.
About the seller
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Poro's Picks
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

1 review

Honesty and Profit; are the two things we strive at Poro's Picks to provide to sports bettors, new or experienced.

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