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Beat The Stock Market, Our platform speaks for itself. Join our team today!

Get Full Access to all Prodigy Alerts and Partnered Alerts: Stock and Option Trades / Day and Swing Trades


+Stock Alerts +Option Alerts +Algo Alerts +Swing Alerts +Scanner Live Stream +Scanner Voice Alerts +Premarket, Afternoon, Overnight Watchlist +Learning Material +News Feed +Chatroom +Learn from 15+ Analysts +24/7 Support

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Prodigy Gold

20+ Trading Analyst
A diverse trading group offering detailed technical and fundamental strategies
Trade Ideas / Watchlist
Provide stock alerts detailing entries, price targets, stop-loss levels, and support/resistance
All Day Trading
Continuous trade ideas from premarket to afterhours, with all-day alerts to suit your trading requirements.
What do we trade?
Trading across the board: small to large caps, day and swing trades, including options trading.
Voice Alerts
Live-stream: Listen and watch for stock tickers to stay informed on trending stocks. Top gainers updated in real-time
Why we stand out?
Analysts continuously adapt and refine trading strategies to align with current market conditions
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Customer reviews
4.98 out of 5
(49 reviews)
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2 months ago
This is by far the best discord I have been , amazing traders . If you like trade stocks you will find it , if you like options you will love this . I highly recommend this if you want to make a real money .
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2 months ago
A fantastic community of people with all ranges of experience. The best way to reach your goals in life, is surrounding yourself with winners. Prodigy trading is by far one of the best discord teams you can join.
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3 months ago
Great discord very professional!
What type of alerts will I receive?
You will receive Stock and Option Alerts. Day and Swing trades from premarket into afterhours!
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Prodigy Trading Team
Trading • Stocks

49 reviews

#1 Community for Stock and Options Alerts. Just check us out. Server proves itself! Take your stock trading game to the next level with our top-rated Discord chatroom. Our community provides expert analysis, stock alerts, and breakout strategies for small and large caps day and swing trading. You'll also get access to our algo alerts and analyst alerts, ensuring you never miss a profitable trade. Join the best stock trading chatroom today and start your journey towards financial success.

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