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Book of Royalty

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#1 Premium Reselling Community designed to Make & Save you Money!

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Free Server

Price Error Database
A unique database designed to notify users of any discounted glitches across Amazon, Best Buy, and other major retailers
Extreme Deals
The Millisecond an Online Retailer post a heavily discounted deal, you will be notified!
Ticket and Product Monitors
Ticket Reselling is the new wave. Our Ticket Section is ELITE, & our Staff DO NOT MISS on Calls! MAJOR PROFITS!
24/7 Support
Access to our support team at any time.
Amazon FBA
Even Beginners find it easy to Start & Scale their businesses with our Expert Staff & Guides!
Sneaker / Streetwear Reselling
Our staff keeps you up to date on the newest upcoming drops! What to go for, how to get it, & how to maximize PROFITS!
We are a FAMILY of like-minded entrepreneurs & in our group, FAMILY COMES FIRST!
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5 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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15 days ago
Amazing Value for free. I get access to deals and webinars and make quick and easy money!
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a month ago
Best 25$ can buy, I'm on several different discords for reselling and this one is crazy comprehensive, from ticket reselling to small niches that are crazy profitable.
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2 months ago
It’s been great so far, tons of free stuff to look out for
What makes you guys different than other reselling groups?
We stay at the top by hiring experts in every area. Other groups came later but lack our personal support and the knowledge of our entire team. We've also made big databases to track crazy price errors on over 10 websites. There's nothing else like it out there.
How does the Ticket Reselling work?
1. Unleash the power of our insider guide crafted by ticket pros to pinpoint your perfect purchase. 2. Lock in the concert experience by adding your chosen ticket to your cart. 3. Engage in a personalized 1-on-1 with our brokers for double-confirmation on your ticket's authenticity. 4. Elevate your sales game – list and seal deals within a striking 2-4 week average. 5. Lean back, unwind, and witness the magic as your profits gracefully dance into your account.
How much money do I need to start?
Starting with a few hundred bucks is ideal. While having more is great, you'd be amazed at the affordable chances available to significantly grow your funds.
How active do I need to be?
Being more engaged helps you catch everything, but you can also treat this as a simple side hustle. Our day-by-day drop channel keeps you informed, so just turn on notifications to snag any unexpected opportunities.
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Reselling β€’ Tickets

9 reviews

Reselling tickets, engaging in online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, capitalizing on online deals and glitches, and exploring numerous other avenues for generating income online.

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