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The 0.5% of Gamblers

Includes a higher volume of Expected Value bets all above 3% to ensure higher profitability and Matched Betting as well explained below

A bookmaker offers a free bet of $50 for new customers. You use this free bet to back a tennis player to win a match at odds of 2.00. At the same time, you lay the same player on a betting exchange at odds of 2.10, with a stake calculated to cover your liability.

Parlays provided for these matched betting opportunities across a large variety of bookmakers (2.0-3.0)

If you lose it results in a small loss once you convert your bonus bet via dutching or laying posted in the discord (60-80%)

Tips provided for sustainability of accounts on a variety of bookmakers to avoid restrictions and bans

Free Trial provided What are You Waiting For ?

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Premium Boys

The Cheapest Betting Sever
No need to spend a bag on another sever just to test it out
Guaranteed Long Term Profits
Through deposit matches, arbs, +EV and Matched Betting quick short term profits and long term profits can be achieved
Mathemtically based
Takes away the worst part of Betting the Risk, as we use maths to ensure long term profits
24/7 Support
Any questions or inquires about your membership, will be answered asap
Statistically Based Betting
In-depth analysis, on every bet
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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4 months ago
Neat server with excellent profile management
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4 months ago
Really good server high win rate
Will I make money?
Matched betting ensures money through sign up bonuses and minimal losses, EV provides a similar opportunity
What's your refund policy?
If your matched betting in the first month and lose money I'll refund your entire subscription
What are the Odds on Your Picks ?
For Matched Betting: 2.00-3.00 to fit the promotional terms on Bookies. For EV generally 1.5-2.75
Do I require a large amount of money?
Yes and No, to get the hang of things I actually recommend you start with a lower bankroll but in the long term yes
Why choose SH Bets over other sport betting severs ?
Simple, 99.5% of gamblers lose in the long term the ads don't lie with maths we can become the 0.5%
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SH Bets - Cheapest Aus Betting Sever
Sports Picks • NBA

2 reviews

EV and Matched Betting based money making machine

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