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Teaching Traders And Entrepreneurs The Same SPY And QQQ Options Strategy That Made Me A Millionaire before Turning 21 Years Old

Premium Live Trading Calls Daily @ 6:15 AM PST
$99.99 / month
Beginners Stock Trading classes
1on1 Mentorship
$299.00 / month

Daily Live Trading calls @ 6:15 AM PST- 1 PM PST

Trade with me LIVE every day and get my perspective I've created after trading for 5 years and making millions of dollars

weekly Post Market Begginer/Advanced Trading/Life Coaching Classes

Options Signals/Swing Trades On Stocks Like NVDA, TSLA, AAPL And AMZN

Daily Unusual Options Activity Alerts

Daily Pre-Market Watchlists SPX 500 and QQQ

Receive Fast Real Time SPY and QQQ Trading signals and Technical Analysis

Daily Coaching from SickBoyCole and his Analyst Team With 24/7 Support

Daily Technical Analysis Coaching

Large Community Of Successful 6-7 figure Entrepreneurs & So Much More!


Discord access

Website link

Daily Live Trading
Gain access to the daily live trading calls with SickBoy and his team of analysts
Trading Floor
Gain Access to the exclusive trading floor where Sickboy shares ideas and answer all questions
Daily Watchlist
Gain Access To SickBoys Daily SPX 500 And NQ 100 Watchlist And Game Plan
Live Trade Alerts
Gain Access To SickBoys Trades/Trade Ideas and his outside team of analysts and Signals
Trading Tools
Gain Access To Unusual options Activity, proprietary Stock Scanner And Ai Capabilitys
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Customer reviews
Curtis Smith#8096
Curtis Smith#8096
3 days ago
I don't even know where to start! But here we go... what sets Cole apart from everyone else to me, is his sincere willingness to personally need to help you out. Not a want... a NEED! He actually takes your success personal and brings you in like a close friend/family. And even though this is a stock trading discord, the value you'll get from Cole is not just monetary. He's there to help you along the way with various areas of your life to not only make you a better trader, but a better overall person as well. And he won't stop until he sees you and your loved ones win. I could go on and on and on, but honestly, you have to just join and see for yourself. Everyone in the discord is hands on, no complaining, very knowledgeable, helpful and committed to each others success. They truly "go the extra mile!" I chose the 1 on 1 Mentorship and almost immediately after messaging Cole to let him know, he hit me back to schedule a call the same day, all at my convenience. Love this dude and everyone else in the fam! Stop looking around and join! You won't be disappointed!
Purchased 3 days ago
7 days ago
I have been part of numerous communities, but none compares to Cole's community. Without a doubt, it is the best community I have ever been involved in. The resources and assistance provided, regardless of one's circumstances, enable individuals to truly transform into their best selves with the unwavering support of Cole and the community he has fostered. No one else exhibits the same level of love and encouragement towards their students as Cole does. He is genuinely invested in establishing long-term relationships and developing rapport with his followers and team members. No one is left behind when they join SICKBOYTRADEDS, as everyone is afforded equal opportunities. I urge you to come and experience it for yourself. Joining this community has the potential to be one of the most significant life decisions you will ever make. It is not solely a trading community but also a brotherhood that assists in building every aspect of your life. While you alone have the power to initiate change, joining this community will provide guidance and support throughout your transformative journey towards becoming the person you are destined to be.
Purchased 7 days ago
7 days ago
Really excited to learn from Cole and from his team. From knowing 0 about the stock market, He really leads you and encourages you to be your best self. Cant wait for what the future holds.
Purchased 9 days ago
What Does SickBoycole Trade?
Mainly Trading SPY And QQQ Options
When Does SickBoyCole Trade?
We Trade Live Every Morning @ 6:15 AM PST MON-FRI And I Have Not Missed A Day In Over 3 Years
How Long Has SickBoy Been Trading Stocks Options And Crypto For?
I Have Been Trading Stocks Options And Crypto For The Last 5 Years
How Can I Ask You Questions?
Dm Me On Instagram With Any Additional Questions... @sickboycole or @colejafaritrades
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About the seller
Trading β€’ Stocks

23 reviews

SickBoy Has Been Trading Stocks And Crypto Live Everyday For Over 5 Years With Over 19,000 Discord Members And Over 2 Million In Members Profits, We Are New To Whop However We Are Well known In The Industry CEO/FOUNDER @colejafaritrades Chances Make Champions...
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