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A live trading community dedicated to options, futures, and crypto traders who seek to expand their knowledge/network as traders and entrepreneurs.

When you join SickBoyTrades you will gain access to the SBT options, futures, and crypto daily live trading voice call.

Live text alerts and signals daily.

Daily education / access to a private educational channels (Technical/Fundamental Analysis).

SickBoyTrades beginner/intermediate/advanced stock trading course and mastermind classes.

Includes daily live voice trading calls with SickBoy and his team of 5+ expert traders, with live entry and exit signals.

Access to all private recordings & guest speakers.

Excellent community for those commited to growing with a like-minded group of traders and entrepreneurs!

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Online course

Beginner Stock Trading Course

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Online course

Advanced Stock Trading Course

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Daily Live Trading
All private community members gain access to daily live trading calls with the SBT team of 5+ experienced analysts
Trading Floor
All private community members gain access to the exclusive trading floor where SBT shares daily trade ideas and set ups
Daily Watchlist
All Private Community Members Will Gain Access To A Daily Stock Market/Crypto Watchlist And The Teams Daily Game Plan
Trading Course
All private community members will receive all courses and previously recorded classes/seminars
Weekly classes
All private community members will gain access to weekly post market educational classes with sickboy and the team
Customer Q&A
Q: true grinder and hussler looking for a home, sick of scams and bullshit you real?
A: yessir shoot me a dm on Instagram brother
Asked on Jun 1, 2023
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5 out of 5
(64 reviews)
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6 days ago
This discord is like a family. We are all in for the same reason to grow financially in our goals. And have freedom in our lives. Everyone is awesome and strive to help each other. Cole is awesome and really cares about his members. Definitely worth signing up. Profits are great. Great classes and great help!
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13 days ago
Imagine sitting in your bed making hundreds to thousands of dollars by looking at lines and clicking buttons. You make back the lifetime subscription in a couple trades the team calls out. Stay up or stay broke. you choose.
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14 days ago
Beyond happy that I decided to join Lifetime. So much information and people that you can reach out to for help and a seemingly never-ending supply of learning opportunities. The whole community is a family more than anything with everyone helping each other and even giving out calls they think are worth it. After joining a free live session I joined Lifetime immediately after and know I won't regret it. If you are still waiting to join I highly advise you not to as the price to join will only go up from here.
What Does SBT Trade?
Mainly Trading SPY And QQQ Options, futures
When Does SBT Trade?
We Trade Live Every Morning @ 6:15 AM PST MON-FRI And I Have Not Missed A Day In Over 3 Years
How Long Has SBT Been Trading For?
I Have Been Trading Stocks, Options, futures And Crypto For The Last 5 Years
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Trading β€’ Stocks

64 reviews

The SBT team has been trading stock options, futures and crypto for half a decade, and gaining over 19,000 discord members and thousands of students lives changed

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