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Skylight AI Next JS Template

Get started building monetizable window.ai applications using this Next JS Template!

Get access to the github and a vercel-hosted demo application!

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Skylight AI Next JS Template
Skylight Templates • General

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Introducing the Skylight AI ✨ Next.js Template, a comprehensive solution to build monetizable and access-gated Next.js applications using Skylight AI and the Whop SDK. This template provides seamless integration with Skylight OAuth, allowing you to secure and control access to different sections of your website effortlessly. Key Features: Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Examples: Leverage getServerSideProps for user authentication and product access control, including login/logout functionality and product-gated content. Statically Rendered (SSG) Examples: Utilize middleware for content gating based on product ownership and user access. App Directory: Explore how to use the Whop SDK in Next.js 13's app directory for user-scoped instances and product-gated layouts. API Routes: Implement secure API routes to check product ownership and access control.

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