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Elevate Your Music Journey: Fair Payouts, Ultimate Exposure, and Streamlined Support for Artists' Success

Discover the Future of Music Streaming: Experience SoundCloud's artist-centric platform, designed to maximize payouts while providing a growing fanbase. Boost your career with comprehensive analytics, dedicated support, and innovative fan-powered royalties. Unlock your potential today!

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Soundcloud Premium

Fan-Powered Royalties
Direct payment based on fans' listening, maximizing earnings for artists
Fan Engagement Analytics
Track audience growth and engagement with in-depth insights to understand and optimize your fan base.
Playlist Collaboration Tool
Easily share and edit playlists with other artists to promote diverse music and expand your network.
Dynamic Music Promotion
Promote your tracks to specific target audiences for maximum exposure and tailored feedback.
Customizable Audio Widgets
Easily integrate stylish audio players on websites and blogs to showcase and promote your music.
Exclusive Collaborations
Connect with top artists and producers for unique collaboration opportunities and expand your creative network.
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Artists deserve to be paid fairly. #YourStreamMatters Tell your fans about SoundCloud’s fan-powered royalties. Need help? 👉 @SCSupport

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