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Established in 2019, we've successfully helped over 3000 Amazon sellers grow and scale. Join the TBB family today!

Welcome to Scale University!!!

It's time to put your Amazon FBA business onto a rocket ship!!

The Buy Box IO membership plan, your solution for accelerated scaling of your Amazon business. Offering advanced level FBA training, exclusive community networking, and access to lucrative product investment opportunities.

Set your sales to new heights and experience unprecedented scaling.

Tap into our expertise from helping over 3000 satisfied sellers. Transformative growth is just a click away from thebuyboxio.

Included in your membership plan is the following:

  • Beginner Amazon FBA Course
  • Community Chats
  • Niche Chats
  • Beginner Guides
  • Access to our Q&A Bank
  • Access to Discounted Leads Lists
  • In House Business Banking
  • In House Business Insurance Agent
  • Discounted LLC Creation
  • Guest Speakers
  • Office Hours
  • Wholesale Calls
  • Sourcing Call
  • Un-gating Bot
  • General A2A Scanners
  • Product Investments Opportunities
  • Random Resale Products Opportunities
  • Private Ticket Support
  • Access to Advanced Guides
  • The Buy Box Lead Curated Monitors
  • Additional Store Product Monitors
  • General A2A Scanner + Category Specific A2A Scanners
  • Access to leads with expert leads analysis
  • Access to ReplenAlert Personal Monitors with unlimited products to monitor
  • Access to our Under 100k rank A2A Scanner
  • Up to 4 1:1 free Calls per month + $25 Scheduled 1:1 calls after 4
  • 40% Affiliate/Referral Program
  • Live Niche Calls with experts (A2A, Scale, Nike, etc)
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TBB Beginner Roadmap

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Scale Tier

Amazon 2 Amazon Leads Scanners
Our Amazon 2 Amazon leads scanners provide thousands of potential profitable leads per month!
Beginner Roadmap Guides
Beginner roadmap is full of guides for new sellers: progressive lessons with actionable steps.
Engaging Community
Engage and network with like minded sellers who are all about business and growth. No toxicity here!
Technology & Innovation
We're not just a community or a leads group. We strive to build technology and offerings to help grow your business!
We were built on support. Group Support calls, Private Ticket Support, and 1:1 Mentoring Calls all at your fingertips.
Personal Engagement
We don't believe in hiding behind a chat group. We encourage real life engagement, being on camera, and being real .
Customer Q&A
Q: How much money do you suggest to start?
A: There is no “right” amount and it will depend on what your goals are with Amazon. The more starting capital you have, the faster you can scale (and the more mistakes you can make up front). If you’re trying to go full time into Amazon, I would look at your current expenses plus what you currently make and do some calculations. I would suggest a few thousand $ if you’re wanting to go full time. But plenty of people start with a few hundred $s and just reinvest those profits into the business.
Asked on Aug 27, 2023
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(16 reviews)
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12 days ago
The 1 on 1 calls are worth it alone. On top of that, the 24/7 leads are awesome. I know I can jump on and get great leads to hit my daily/weekly spend goals. TBB is a great resource for new and experienced sellers. All of which are active in the Discord group.
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12 days ago
I joined TBB in April and it has been so valuable to growing my Amazon business. Everyone in the group is willing to jump in and answer questions, get on calls, and help with every issue I've dealt with. The monitors are awesome and have helped me scale up to 6 figures. The group members genuinely want you to win and to assist you in your growth. I will keep this membership for as long as I'm in the Amazon/Walmart space.
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12 days ago
I can't say enough about this group and the amazing staff. Amazon felt super overwhelming when I first joined but the commitment of the staff to making sure everyone is given the opportunity to succeed is worth the membership fee. The tons of extras that you receive - icing on the cake. 😊
How much money do I need to start with to start selling on Amazon?
Truth is, we have members who begin their journey with as little as $300-$500. In the realm of Amazon business, capital and process play crucial roles. The amount of capital you invest directly impacts the potential outcome, given Amazon's nature as a capital-intensive platform. However, it's worth noting that even members who start with just a few hundred dollars can kickstart the process. They begin by honing their understanding of the business intricacies and gradually reinvesting their earnings to facilitate growth. Interestingly, when you're starting out, the items you can sell don't necessarily have to be high-cost products. In fact, you can often leverage items that you already have for free, which can be found around your home. This low-cost entry point allows you to master the operational aspects of selling on Amazon, refine your strategies, and then progressively expand your product range to maximize profits. So, whether you're starting with a modest sum or a substantial capital infusion, the key lies in mastering the process and strategically allocating resources to scale your Amazon business.
Do you provide leads?
At The Buy Box, we distinguish ourselves from traditional leads groups. Rather than simply offering leads, we provide comprehensive support and guidance to help individuals establish, find leads themselves, and grow a sustainable, scalable Amazon business. While we do offer leads and lead analysis, our focus goes far beyond that. Within our services, we offer leads and conduct lead analysis across both retail and online arbitrage models as well as wholesale. Many of our members have achieved remarkable success through our Amazon 2 Amazon leads. These leads have proven to be particularly effective, as evidenced by the fact that our members collectively invest over $400,000 per month exclusively in these leads. It's important to note that our approach extends beyond merely delivering leads. We prioritize equipping our members with the tools, strategies, and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the Amazon marketplace successfully. Through this comprehensive approach, we empower individuals to not only leverage leads effectively but also to build a flourishing Amazon business that stands on a foundation of sustainability and scalability.
Do I need a business entity (LLC, Scorp, etc) to start an Amazon business?
You have options when it comes to starting your selling journey. You can begin immediately as an individual without the need for any specific business entity. This approach offers simplicity and allows you to dive right into the selling process. However, if you're ready to take your Amazon journey seriously, we highly recommend considering the option of establishing a business entity. This could take the form of a sole proprietorship, LLC, s-corp, or other suitable structures. The advantages of starting with a business entity are substantial. It not only accelerates your business growth by enabling you to open wholesale accounts and gain access to ungated brands but also grants you the opportunity to secure business lines of credit, which can be instrumental in expanding your operations. Moreover, having a formal business entity can provide you with tax exemptions when purchasing items for resale, optimizing your profit margins. One significant benefit of forming an LLC, for instance, is that it offers personal asset protection in the event of legal complications. This separation between personal and business assets shields your personal wealth from potential liabilities related to your business activities. If you're unsure about the process of setting up a business entity, rest assured that we're here to provide guidance. We understand that this can be a complex step, and we're committed to assisting you every step of the way. Additionally, we've partnered with Zen Business, a reputable service, to offer you discounted assistance in establishing your chosen business entity. This collaboration ensures that you have access to reliable resources and expertise as you embark on this crucial aspect of your entrepreneurial journey.
How much time do I need to put into building an Amazon business?
When you're beginning your journey into selling on Amazon, it's crucial to invest a significant amount of time in mastering the foundational elements. Understanding the intricacies of the platform, product sourcing, listing optimization, and customer engagement is paramount during this phase. As you progress and become more familiar with the dynamics of the business, the time you dedicate will naturally vary based on the outcomes you're aiming for. The beauty of this endeavor lies in its flexibility. We've seen diverse approaches among our members. Some have devoted themselves to building full-time enterprises, effectively replacing their traditional 9-5 jobs. They've harnessed the potential of Amazon to create thriving businesses that support their livelihood. On the other hand, we also have members who choose to allocate around 8 to 10 hours per week. Remarkably, even with this relatively modest time investment, they manage to achieve impressive results. Earning around $20,000 to $25,000 per month in gross revenue, with a net profit ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 monthly, is a testament to the scalability and profitability of this venture. It's important to recognize that the direction you take is entirely driven by your individual aspirations and objectives. Whether you're envisioning a transformative career shift or seeking a supplementary income stream, our commitment to your success remains unwavering. We're here to support you, irrespective of the path you choose within this business. Your goals are our priority, and we're dedicated to providing the guidance, resources, and assistance you need to achieve them.
Who is behind The Buy Box?
The roots of The Buy Box IO trace back to 2019, when its dedicated team began assisting both new and experienced Amazon sellers on their journeys. The formal establishment of The Buy Box IO as a company occurred in 2021, marking a significant milestone in their mission to provide comprehensive support and guidance to Amazon sellers. The visionary founders of The Buy Box have been actively engaged in the world of Amazon since 2016. Their personal experience and deep understanding of the platform have been instrumental in shaping the guidance and strategies offered by The Buy Box. This hands-on involvement sets the foundation for the invaluable assistance provided to members. The team at The Buy Box IO is composed not only of the founders, but also includes other accomplished Amazon sellers within their network. These experts, alongside former students of The Buy Box group who have excelled in their own right, contribute a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. Collectively, the team boasts an impressive 30 years of combined experience in selling on Amazon, underscoring their credibility and ability to guide sellers through the intricacies of the marketplace. Beyond their in-house expertise, The Buy Box IO has also collaborated with long-time Amazon sellers. This collaborative approach underscores their commitment to the broader Amazon community. By sharing insights, strategies, and value with both existing members and the wider Amazon ecosystem, The Buy Box IO extends their influence to positively impact a broader audience. In essence, The Buy Box IO stands as a hub of knowledge, experience, and community within the Amazon selling landscape. From its roots as a group helping newcomers and experienced sellers alike to its evolution into an established entity, the journey has been marked by a commitment to empowerment, education, and collective growth.
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