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Toad Sports

(30 reviews)

AI Sports Algorithms That Make You Money!

Unlock the secret to smarter sports betting! Our cutting-edge algorithms and projections are designed to help you consistently find high-value bets, get the best player odds, and discover long-term profitability. Become your own expert handicapper, learning to identify high-potential props and increase your edge over the house. Our methods are trusted by thousands of successful members, with a proven track record of substantial wins. Join our group today, network with the greatest sports bettors in the world, and transform your betting strategy from guesswork to a calculated success. Don't miss out! Your journey towards betting mastery starts here!

Completing your purchase to Toad Sports means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policy. All sales final. Refund requests are accepted but not guaranteed.

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Daily Projections
Get in-depth analysis and data-driven predictions.
Algorithm Leans
High-value player props, point spreads, and moneylines backed by the projections and sports models.
Exclusive Picks
Model value plays - including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF, PGA, UFC, and more!
Prop Data Sheets
Access detailed stats for well-informed betting decisions.
Enter exclusive contests and win amazing prizes, such as PS5s, sports tickets, video games, and more!
Affiliate Program
Get paid for every person you refer to the group!
Customer question & answers
I paid for a month now I cant see my membership?
Hi there! 1. Login to your Whop.com account. 2. Navigate to Your Hub page. 3. Click on Join Discord Server. 4. Connect your Discord account to Whop. After connecting your Discord account, you will be redirected to the Discord server. Now that you have claimed your exclusive Discord role perk, you have access to the Discord community. We hope you enjoy!
Customer reviews
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2 months ago
Excellent Service and Data provided daily. Early as well as efficient & accurate write-ups everyday. Use the sheets to build the Ultimate SGP, SGPX, Round Robin, singles... You name it, his sheets have it. If you have an edge and use certain data yourself to build to perfect plays like I do...HA!...,but Toad is so generous as to find a way to supply said information. Been here awhile, left for money reasons and saw the price shoot up. I asked myself, "Am I going to continue betting? Well then I need Toads Sheets." So I Sucked it up and paid the increase cost because it just has too much value in the information it offers. The Discord has a plethora of information alongside as well and I would suggest everyone use the discussion forums to share your wins and even make suggestions 😁 Thank You Toad
Purchased 5 months ago
User avatar
2 months ago
Great 👍 win rate my bankroll and I are extremely grateful
Purchased 2 months ago
User avatar
2 months ago
I followed Toad on Twitter for a few months and saw the results his subscribers were having. I wasn’t able to afford a monthly subscription, but I was lucky enough to win a free month subscription to this service. I’ve been in the discord for five days now, and I’m already up over $200. I’m not the most hard-core gamblers, so the extra $200 is a lot to me! Especially when I’m gambling about $10-$25 per bet/parlay. What makes Toads subscription worth it? It’s the information he gives. I was astonished at the information available every morning for the sports slate for the day. Gambling is very difficult, trying to “beat” some very smart books, but Toad makes it very doable! Once my subscription runs up at the end of the month, I’ll 100% be resubscribing to the service. I didn’t regret joining the discord, and you won’t either after you win a few bets!
Purchased 2 months ago
How accurate are your sports betting projections, and what is the success rate of your predictions?
Our sports betting projections are based on a data-driven approach, taking into account stats, players' previous games, performance trends, and various other factors. While we cannot guarantee a specific success rate, our objective approach helps ensure reliable insights, increasing the probability of success. We update our projections daily, ensuring that you have the most recent and accurate information. Injured players are removed from the projections, allowing you to focus on the players that are expected to participate in the games.
What sports and leagues do your betting projections cover? Are they limited to major sports or do they include niche markets as well?
Our projections cover a wide range of leagues such as NBA, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, UFC, PGA, and Tennis. We cater to various betting markets, including player props, spreads, moneylines, totals, and more.
How user-friendly are your stat projection tools, and is any prior experience or knowledge required to use them effectively?
Our stat projection tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to both beginners and experienced bettors. No prior experience or knowledge is required to use our tools effectively, as we provide clear instructions and explanations for each feature. We also use color-coding and an easy-to-read layout, allowing members to understand and use our tools in the best way possible. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience as you navigate our platform.
Do I need to have FanDuel or DraftKings accounts to use the projections effectively, or can I use them with other sportsbooks?
You don't need FanDuel or DraftKings to use our projections effectively. As long as the sportsbook you are using offers betting markets such as spread, moneyline, over/under props, or player props, you will be able to utilize the projections just as well as you would on FanDuel and DraftKings. We have designed our projections to be compatible with all sportsbooks to ensure maximum versatility for our members.
Do you offer refunds?
All sales are final. Refunds may only be granted in the following circumstances: (1) a technical billing error; (2) a user accidentally purchased two or more passes at once. Refunds for subscribers that forgot to turn off auto renew may be granted in extraordinary circumstances, but are not guaranteed, and will be decided on in the sole discretion of our support staff. For refund requests, subscribers should send an email to support@toadsports.net and include their Discord username and payment date.
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Toad Sports
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

30 reviews

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Discover Toad Sports, your ultimate sports betting partner for player props, game spreads, totals, and moneylines. Our advanced AI projection algorithms revolutionize your betting experience by providing valuable insights into expected outcomes of various sporting events, enabling you to make data-driven decisions using our projection models. With Toad Sports, you can learn how to effectively manage risk, save time on analysis, access thousands of projections before the lines move throughout the day, and connect with thousands of members learning how to increase their profits in sports betting. Let us help you minimize uncertainty and maximize your betting success, so you can focus on enjoying the game.

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