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Tradestar Strategies

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Trade With Confidence.

Trade with confidence. Join Our Discord Community Today For Access to..

  • Connect with like minded traders and engage in valuable discussion.

  • Engaging Trading Education with real life trade examples and comprehensive lessons

  • Interactive Webinars with insights for real time trade demonstrations.

  • Daily Breakdowns and Outlooks of currency pairs, indices and commodities.

Enjoy our Tradestar Premium Access for only $250 a month! This premium pass provides an unmatched trading experience delivered straight to your Discord.

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Live Trading Room
Exclusive access to our team, comprehensive recaps, and daily breakdowns of currency pairs, indices and commodities!
Exclusive Community
Join our global trading community, connecting with fellow traders and engaging in valuable discussions through Discord
Advanced Trading Course
Gain confidence in your trading by learning from advanced teachings with smart money concepts and real live examples.
Interactive Webinars
Get insights from our interactive webinars designed for real-time trade demonstrations and advanced teachings.
One-on-One Sessions
Schedule your consultation and learn from expert traders with results to gain clarity in your trading strategy.
Advanced Market Insights
Get detailed insights into market trends and profitable trading opportunities, live and direct so you can take action.
Customer question & answers
Do we get signals sent by justin on the discord?
Yes in our discord we have our live trading room with all of Justin's full anaylsis and breakdown on trades sent throughout the week! As well as live London sessions with breakdowns/Q&A.
Customer reviews
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12d ago
I’ve been trading for almost 3 years now & I knew I was close to having all of the knowledge I needed to become consistently profitable but the courses on Tradestar Strategies was the icing on the cake for me & it really helped all of the concepts I learned over the years come together full circle for me & make everything make sense. Shoutout Justin, he breaks things down so simple that a kid could understand, been rocking with him since steady!
Purchased 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Can’t be more than happy to say I will become a millionaire with tradestar … I love the energy and the community is great .. 5 stars ✨
Purchased 1 month ago
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1 month ago
I've purchased courses and e-books centered around trading for years. I found Justin back when I was a part of a group that was trading based. I naturally gravitated to his way of making understanding trading relative to everyone. When I heard he was releasing his own trading course I jumped at the opportunity to gain his understanding of how he sees the market. This course is the ideal course for intermediate traders that are looking to take their understanding of the market and their overall success in the market to the next level. He is down to earth and focused his course around what's important and left out all of the fluff that can get you lost in the sauce or deterred from mastering the skillset. 100% recommend, bounds and leaps above anything else on the market.
Purchased 1 month ago
How do I join your Discord server?
After completing your purchase, you'll receive an invitation link to join our Discord server.
What benefits do I get from joining the Discord server?
You get comprehensive trading insights, networking opportunities, dedicated Q&A, educational content and real-time trade demonstrations.
Do I need trading experience to join Discord?
No, our Discord community welcomes both novice and experienced traders.
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Tradestar Strategies
Trading • Technical Analysis

21 reviews

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Tradestar is an exclusive forex trading community dedicated on: ⭐️ Giving the highest accuracy trading insights daily. ⭐️ Educational content so that is far more advanced than most so that members may be knowledgeable. ⭐️ Results and personalized coaching for our members. ⭐️ And More!

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